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Name:Jay Lee
age: 17
zodiac: cancer
gender: female
nationality: asian

"Just believe in yourself, and you'll get past anything"

Hello! all these fanfics that i'm making are all based on some stories that i'm creating. My original stories have their own names, but i've changed the names for your enjoyment and for anyone who has a love for fanfiction! And please, don't steal my stories! i'm not a pro at writing, but i do hope you enjoy them! Please read and review as much as you can! there maybe grammatical errors in my stories, but please bear with me! thanks so much! Arigatou! Thank you!

Things that interest me:
i luv anime/manga! i totally love playing games like final fantasy series and kingdom hearts (those are the best games!) but there are other games that i like playing. korean and japanese dramas! (oh yeah!) but really, anything interests me. BUT my family and friends are the most interesting/important to me.

Some of my favorite anime/manga:
cardcaptors sakura, naruto, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, full moon wo sagashite, angelic layer, chobits, pita-ten, d.n.angel, imadoki, spiral, magic knights rayearth, chrono crusade, kodocha, kiddy grade, absolute boyfriend, crossroad, fushigi yuugi, alice 19th, ayashi no ceres, sailor moon, ah! my goddess, AIR, inuyasha, X and well...there's too much to name!!

Pretty much anything is good enough for me. although i find myself listening more to video game soundtracks, japanese or korean music.

Fanfictions that i have written so far (please check them out!)
1. Unforgotten (Cardcaptors Sakura)
2. Only You (Cardcaptors Sakura)
3. Under A Moonlit Sky (Naruto)
4. I'll Always Be There For You (D.N.Angel)
5. Shattered Smiles (Naruto)

I don't own any of the anime that i write about. i only own the story idea. the characters all belong to their original creators: like Clamp, Masashi Kishimoto, and Yukiru Sugisaki!

~ I'm trying my best to update my fanfics, but it's going to take a while because of skool and other things. so if i don't update right away, just hang in there. i'm going to update ASAP. so dont' think i've given up on my fanfics, cuz i haven't! thanks! ~

Latest Update: alright, well i'm on a major writer's block and there's way too much going on at school for me that i haven't been able to concentrate on my fanfics. so they probably wont be updated for a long, long time... i'll still try my best to update, but when you've completely run out of ideas, staying up late at night doing homework and a bunch of other stuff, and you feel like only half ur brain is working most of the time...it's kinda hard to come up with something. lol. so yeah, i'm on a major hiatus at the moment. thanks for understanding! 3

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