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Kiri-Jun-Kun speaking!

I am a senior member of this here establishment of No, I don't write stories anymore ~sigh~ When I look at all my past work here I posted when I was like...(14)?...n-e-waze, it made me want to gag myself.

I won't be even attempting to start writting anything anytime soon as I am in college now and am far too busy to pay attention to much of anything else that is not concerned with school. I am however an active reader and I love to give good reviews where they are due :3

If only I was more interesting lol :p Well the first and most important thing about me is...

I love Games!!

I've loved them since I was a little girl!! My Nintendo DS is my temple! I also own a PS2(it's on it's last days... ) and a PSP (Which is now broken thanks to my careless ex boyfriend). Oh I also have a Gamecube that is kinda errr, like stolen from my ex (different guy)

:X lol.

(((Fav Music)))

The Beatles, LM.C, Aqua, MIA, Neutral Milk Hotel, Junior Boys, Jefferson Starship Airplane, Girugamesh, Flogging Molly, Fiona Apple, Rihanna, Ferhie, Feist, Emilie Autumn, Emiliana Torrini, Patrick Wolf, Elisa, Eiffel 65, Dresdon Dolls, Daft Punk, Arctic Monkeys, Toybox, The Ting Tings, The Pillows, System of a Down, Stne Sour, Slipknot, Regina Spektor, Pink, Pierrot, Orson.

(((DS Games)))

Phoenix Wright: (AA and JFA)

Pokemon Pearl (I dare you to face my pokemon..)

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament 2007 (I dare you to face my deck..)

Mario Kart DS (I dare you to race me..)

Animal Crossing (I dare you to...visit my town?)

Yoshi's Island

Age of Empires

Brain Age

Run Rabbits

Feel The Magic

Trauma Center

Cooking Mama

~~If you ever want WiFi in any of the games above feel free to e-mail me!! ~~Well anyways, onto the fanfiction goodness!


Odin Sphere

Dynasty Warriors (3,4,5,6+Orochi)

Zelda Twilight Princess

and some others I can't think of at this moment .

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