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Hello. I am JarkosofTroy, writer of fanfiction and fan of many things.

The way I write is definitely not conducive to a regular schedule of chapters being posted. This is because I write when I have inspiration. Oftentimes, I get an idea for a story, write quite a bit out, and then just stop really wanting to write it for a bit. Sometimes I stop wanting to write something before I've even typed the first word of an actual chapter because I've spent so much time in the planning stages. Due to this style of writing, sometimes stories will take long, long breaks. I will do my best to effectively label this, both on my profile and on the stories themselves.

Also, I don't like outright deleting stories that I outright abandon. I enjoy having them there to compare my other writing to, and if somebody comes across them and decides that they would like to adopt/rewrite a story that I've entirely lost the spark for, then I will most likely agree. Likely, the only cases I wouldn't agree are when I, myself, have decided to do an overhaul of them.

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