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Joined Nov '04

Real name : nah , who wants to know ?

Location: A beautiful and peace land which I love very much _Vietnam

Sex : hmmm , don't wanna tell you, but I like boy , LOL

Age : not a teenage anymore ( cries )

My favourite mangas 're Naruto , Tennis no oujisama , Hikaru no go , Mar , Shaman king , D N Angle, Hunter x hunter , Godhand Teru , Black cat , Harlem beat , and Fruit basket .

My favorite books 're Harry Potter , Charlie Bone , Eragon and The Godfather .

About anime , I like all the animes have the same names with my favorite mangas (grins)

The characters I love in Naruto 're Naruto , The Fourth , Itachi , Gaara , Hinata . Naruto and The Fourth 're my IDOLS .

The pairings I love to watch : Itanaru , Sasunaru, Nejinaru, Gaanaru , HP/DM, HP/TM , HP/LV (father , son ) ,Naru-girl / boy , Harry-girl , Hikaru-girl

I love read " love stories", even if It has Shounen-ai or Yaoi ( who cares? I'm not a homophobia thank you very much . I make friend with everyone whom I like and likes me :D )

I also like writing , but , right now , my english 's overbad , so I must try to learn it . (sighs)

I 've read alot of the stories here , they're wonderful .There're alot of geniuses in FFN , I admire them very much and try my best to learn from them . Hope I 'll succeed :D

Nearly all of my favorite stories 've been added to my C2 , they're very good , read and you 'll like them ( fiction rating :all , sort by update date )

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