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Greetings and Salutations

Mostly just enjoying KHR at the moment, and other random things that may or may not ever make an appearance.

Thanks to writing privately for other people I have gotten into the habit of FemTsuna, so pretty much all my stories end up as FemTsu unless it's Tsuna and FemTsuna twins through sheer habit.

Started with two projects but plot bunnies have been relentless, so there may be some other fun things appearing.

Turning Point : While on holiday in Italy five year old Tsuna is separated from her family and ends up tripping over Squalo. Quickly working her way into Xanxus' heart with sheer cuteness how will the future play out when a pure Sky had a say in his history come time for the Cradle Affair.

Cielo Perduto : Tsuna's Guardians all turn their backs on her and now Tsuna needs to find new Guardians and even fight some of her old ones.

Contritum Caelum : Tsuna was hurt by her family and abandoned only to be picked up by a family she never expected, how she had to return home to take back what was rightfully hers.

Wide Open Sky : A flame sealed letter appears at the Vongola and Simon compounds, now thanks to a 400 year old agreement between their great grandfathers the two Decimo's are now engaged.

Also intermittently there will be random oneshots that come to play~

If there is anything anyone really wants to see let me know and I will try to deliver as I can.



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