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I'm twenty-three and a college student.

I love FanFiction

I lost #%% all my stories when my computer crashed and usb was stolen. I’ve been rewriting bits and pieces but it will take a while before I post anything for “The Heiress Black” again. Of course my handwritten notes were in the journal my brothers dog decided made a nice toilet.

Prefer Harry Potter - I enjoy crossovers with Avengers/Marvel, Kateyoko Hitman Reborn!, Supernatural, and Percy Jackson.

Opinions on Harry Potter's relationships:

-Harry x Ginny: I tend to dislike this pairing as I feel it is overdone. And come on. The book Ginny was basically a stalker and I am still not convinced that she didn't feed him love potions in sixth year.

-Harry x Hermione: ehh. Depends. I don't enjoy those two in any combination of a harem but as long as they don't have that instant soul bond crap I will at least read it once.


If Harry is in a male/male relationship I think he is not the dominate. I always see him as the bottom. Don't even get me started on Snarry with a bottom Severus. Or the rare bottom Voldemort. Like seriously!

I might rant more later.

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