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i am a fan of the series kim possible

my favourite couple for the kim possible show would be shego x kim , my second favorite would be ron x shego.

ron x kim doesnt make any sense; season 1 kim has no interest in ron, season 2 kim has no interest in ron, season 3 kim has no interest in ron until the synthdrone melts and than and only than is embracing ron as ' partner' , two words come to mind on how they got together 1 is rebound, the other is beard.

around kim, ron acts like a reject that fell of the short bus throwing temper tandrums that an six year old would be envious off, he is a lazy slacker with not enough brain cells to get an belt and is extremely intollerant for anything outside the tiny comfort zone he has.

the only character in the show that is smart and skilled enough to be a match for kim would be shego, who does hold back alot.

if she can melt thru lowardian steel without breaking a sweat and kim never get more than a few bruises the notion of shego holding back is pretty obvious

and the flirting through out the seasons may be labled as sub text but even in season 4 it is pretty obvious

ron x shego would work since shego doesnt know most of ron's antics and only sees him in action, so she sees him as a clown that does get the job done. and both are ' side kick' so it would give them some common ground.

the only thing in the show kim possible that makes less sense than ron x kim couple is how kim can go from first degree murder (attempted) to not being punished for it and flirting with shego without any indictation on how kim overcame that hurdle

james and ann possible consider 'ron' their son, they practically raised him. as such any sexual relationship would be classic incest (check old testament for what is considered family and what is considered incest), but considering Frozen, this may not be seen as a reason for it not to work.

the best argument ron x kim are not meant to be together IS canon, the episode 'Animal Attraction' show one very clear example of happily married couple being soulmates with animology, being james and ann possible. however ron and kim are not soulmates as such.

the soulmate for kim would be an yellow trout. were they seriously considering junior x kim? *shivers* or giving us to what defines any yellow trout?

too bad it doesnt show which type shego was , but if arogant and selfish define yellow trout it would make sense .

i am a fan of Adventure time

my favorite couple in adventure time is marceline x bubblegum

with all the lovers spats they had i really hope they can get back together :)

and some of the episodes concerning their past together really do sound like were a couple romantically not just friends.

which makes me hopeful they might make up and be happy together

i am a fan of avatar

i was pleasantly surprised for korrasami to be acknowledged as canon

only thing missing was that kiss, but i guess they didnt dare being that straight forward.

current society is still very homophobic which is sad

i am looking forward for the day that disney grows a pair and shows courage to allow lbgt children to have role models too

but until than we have to settle for subtext and wait for the day, disney grows up

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