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I'm Nana!

DA site:

I'm a Wild Kratts , MLP and UNDERTALE nerd.

Hair and eye colour: brown

WK favourite characters: Chris and Aviva

MLP favourite villain: King Sombra

My characters info (I will made update as the stories move forward):

Christy Kratt (from 'Too much power'):

She has brown hair with bangs up. She usually uses an green aqua color jacket.

For now she is a little girl from a strange place. She lost her memories. Valerie knows that she have a sister... And uses that to show her up. Now she remember most of the things but the ones that she doesn't know is about herself. How will this end?About her sister, Christ thought that Martha was dead all this time.

Valerie Varmitech (from 'too much power')

She is Zach from another dimention. And she want to destroy Nana. The wild 'rat' term exist in the most of the time!

Martha (from 'too much power')

She is Martin couterpart. After an 'little visit' to the outside of the shield Martha and her friends lost contact with Christy made all this adventure start.She don't have any idea how much her sister had the wrong idea about her situation.

Foul (from 'The spirit of animals')

He is Chris's soul partner (a person who we share his soul. NOT SHARE THE MIND!). He gave to Chris powers.

Sha(from 'the spirit of animals')

She for some reason want to destroy Chris. And is an professional on hunting spirits... Will she win? No. She only wanted to use Chris to find her soul partner. At the final it was Aviva!

Chris's Darkest side or Dris (from 'My darkest side)

He is Chris's madness and fears... His biggest dream is destroy the ones that Chris loves...Why? Will he win?

Madam Kitie (from 'my darkest side')

She is a strange teacher. She found Chris and other childs to teach them to hide their darkest side. Chris at some point he run away to create the Wild Kratts.

Alex Kratt (From 'Fusion Kratts')

Alex is found by the crew after Chris and Martin go missing. Strangely, he has one eye blue and other we know that he is Chris and Martin fused.

Xavier Lorenzo (From 'Spirit of the Underworld')

A fancy guy with the element of the underworld.

nemesis: (main) Chris K. , (others) Wild Kratts

Falts (From 'Spirit of the Underworld')

Xavier's pet/ spirit partner

Mr.Varmintech (From 'Droid Problems')

He is the bad guy that looked like the good guy all this time. He wants Chris (or at least his blueprints) for some reason.

Future Stories:

Sequel of 'My darkest side' (MDS): My friends darkest side (MFD):guarenteed!

I only continue the histories if you give me reason to do it. Your reviews are my 'fuel to write'.Is everything... FOR NOW... XD

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