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UPDATED: May 29th 2024

I think I got the chapter written, just need to do edits and revisions. Been sitting on it for 2 weeks to give myself some distance to edit it better than going to get that done asap. I don't think I will beta this chapter.. too lazy and don't want to delay it anymore.

As to Star Wars/HP crossover, no more writing for this, but been doing some research and new ideas have been popping up and have been added to my note/outline for the story. So even if I am not writing on this atm some progress is being made.

Harry Potter and The Chance at a New Life

Chapter 19 is 100% outlined

Chapter 19 is 100% Written, 75% Revisions, 0% Edit, 19000 words.

Chapter ? will be coming ?? (gonna stop making promises that are lucky at best, arbitrary most of the time and out to lunch at worst. I suck at writing under pressure :( )

Harry Potter and The Land of Ice and Fire


Written = words on paper by either me typing them (usually 95%) and those that are in speech to text format (less than 10% usually) therefore extremely rough.

Revisions = checking for structure, ie I like where the chapter went and it covered or didn't cover what it should have. This can, as with chapter 6, result in significant rewriting.

Editing = This is before I send it to the beta, I usually edit the chapter 2-3 times MIN. (this I find can be the hardest and most tedious portion).

All 100% = Chapter is off to BETAs for review and work. This could be simply a day or a few days to fix any glaring mistakes found.

I have another story, an alternate history story that starts during the Roman Empire called To Pax Romana and Beyond. It is a original character insert from 2025ad to 35ad in the body of a teenage boy who died, with a twist. If that sounds at all interesting you can find it on alternatehistory . com in the AlienSpaceBat section of the forum, or simply search my name as it is linked in my signature there. You unfortunately need to make an account to view any of the stories on the site as they don't want a huge amount of trolls. There is also a large fanfiction section where there are some stories not posted here, that are on there.

I hate mpreg stories. Why? Because woman are so under represented in fiction already, that taking away one of the key roles they can play in a story, to be replaced with another man is just annoying. I have no problem with slash stories, it is the mpreg that is stupid and unnecessary. Some stories seems to at times only contain slash/mpreg relationships delegating woman to be minor backdrop decorations. It is used far to often in fanfictions.

The last book in the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, written by Brandon Sanderson, has to be the best book I have ever read. When I finished it I felt so many emotions, and to a degree a I have never experienced with any other books, even the Harry Potter series, Song of Ice and Fire, or the Pendragon series from my childhood. While I know many have issues with some of the slower parts of the series, (books 5-8) it is definitely worth the read to get to the best books, 9 onwards. Gets my recommendation for all fantasy readers. Also basically anything else from Brandon Sanderson is worth picking up.

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