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(Well not really, but still questions we are going to answer)

What is Code Lyoko: The Plutarch?

Code Lyoko: The Plutarch is a story based on a roleplay that has been going on for approximately seven years. The co-owners of this account have gone back to edit the story, solidify the plot arcs, and take out the parts that were just plain silly. (To be fair, we started this when we were in our early-to-mid teens, and we are now in our early twenties.)

When does The Plutarch update?

The Plutarch updates once per week, barring extenuating circumstances. Sky and Rai take turns being lead editor on the chapters. We try to have chapters out by sometime on Friday.

Why do you not include the canon from CLE?

We started this roleplay mid-way through season 3. We had to sort of retcon as we went and the canon changed, as Rai in particular is very much a stickler for canon. We got it to a point where we were happy with the continuity in regards to Season 4. We cannot deal with the level of headache that it would be reconning enough of the story to make CLE canon in The Plutarch. No thank you.

What is a Satellite Story?

The Plutarch is told largely from the perspective of current students of Kadic Academy. There are things that have taken place in the last ten years or are taking place currently with the original Lyoko Warriors that have no place in the main narrative. We felt that some people might enjoy reading these side stories. All stories on this account take place within the same universe, at different points in time.

Can I still read a Satellite Story even if I don’t want to read the main story/the Plutarch and not read the Satellite Stories?

Of course! Satellite Stories are meant as bonus stories. While the Satellite Stories may not give you all the answers, and The Plutarch may not give you all the background of how the Lyoko Warriors became the people that they are today, each of these are meant to be able to stand alone. This also means that it’s perfectly safe to pick and choose which Satellite Stories you want to read.

Are Satellite Stories published in any particular order?

Nope. Not really. Sometimes we choose the stories we want to tell based on where we are in the main story. Other times it’s based on what we feel like. Stories may be happy or not so happy. That’s life.

Is there really a prize for someone who guesses what the name of Code Lyoko: The Plutarch means before the answer is revealed in the story?

Oh yes. There really is a prize.

How cool is this prize?

This depends on whether or not you’re willing to disclose a shipping address so we can send a physical prize vs a digital prize. But we feel it’s pretty cool.

What is the "Lost Chapter"?

Oh man. Well, here's the story. We had intended to write a chapter in December to lighten the mood, something that we just completely made up as opposed from drawing from our original fic as source material. However... life got in the way. And as we kept stalling and stalling trying to get this done, we lost momentum. So we just decided to go ahead with the main story and we'll keep holding onto this chapter. Maybe forever. Maybe until next December. Maybe until things get really awful in the story and we feel you need a pick-me-up/salt in the wound. It'll be like King Arthur, coming back in the hour of greatest need... Except not like King Arthur at all, okay that was silly.

Who the heck are you people?

The two people running this account go by Sky and Railynn, which were the online names we used when we met ten years ago. Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth in 2005, Railynn discovered a show called Code Lyoko and loved it so much that she set up a guild on Neopets. Sky joined this guild and over the course of many years and a few tragically frozen accounts, the two of them became co-guild leaders - and the very best of friends. After the guild fell apart, Sky and Rai stayed in contact, mainly as a result of the roleplay that they had started, which they referred to as XANA Returns (now retitled The Plutarch). As of now, they have been friends for ten years as a result of Code Lyoko, and their roleplay has been going on and off for seven of those years. In the last few months, the two of us decided to edit and share this roleplay.

Rai is currently twenty-two years old. She is living in Arizona, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is working on her second bachelor's and master's degree in graphic design. She enjoys writing (though she's totally let that go by the wayside), drawing (this too should happen a lot more than it does), crocheting, roleplaying, and puzzles. Her main account with a lot of really embarrassing old fanfiction is here. Read at your own risk, though she does someday hope to get all the CL fanfics she wanted to write done.

Sky is currently 24 years old and is living in the state of Michigan. He has an associates in Marketing and working at Target. Some of his hobbies include gaming (board gaming and RPG’s mainly, but he is still a Nintendo gamer at heart), reading, and overall just being a geeky person. Favorite fandoms include Doctor Who, The Librarians, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Gravity Falls, and he thinks that’s all...Oh wait! Can’t forget Code Lyoko.

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