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I'm a Brazilian High School student who loves cartoons, drawings, photography and novels! For now, I'm only a reader, but I have story projects I hope to publish here soon. It's going to take a while, because English isn't my first language. Meanwhile, I wish I could have some advice in writing. If you have any useful tip, please leave here!

My favorite movie is How to Train your Dragon. There are a lot of great stories in this fandom, but some of them have found a special place in my heart. I've gathered them all in my community, The Best Found Stories This Side of Fanfiction. All these stories are well-written and great, but some of them, in my opinion, deserve more attention. If you take your time to read them, you won't be sorry! ;)

My favorite cartoon is Phineas and Ferb, mostly because of its catchy songs and characters like the punk daughter of a divorced mad scientist/inventor/pharmacist, the teal-furred, kick-ass platypus nemesis of said punk girl's father, the green-haired genius brit (bet you can't gess their names!). I have also read many stories in this fandom, including the ones featuring OCs Marie Flynn and Thomas Fletcher. I love them!

In the book section of this site (and my life), my focus now is Pride and Prejudice and all Jane Austen novels that I already have read, because Austen is Austen, and that's enough of an explanation.

Also, Mr. Darcy is yummy.

...have I mentioned how much I love Austen's work?

If you took your time to read this uninteresting profile, then you're the best! Thank you.


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