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Name: Belen

Age: 18

Occupation: Student and Synchronized swimmer

Favorite Color: Sky Blue, pale pinks, orange

Favorite Saying: I'm doomed if I do and I'm doomed if I don't. Might as well don't.

Favorite Joke: How do you fit an elephant into Safeway? Answer: Take the f out of safe and the f out of way

Favorite TV Shows: Arrow, Blindspot, Danny Phantom, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Ocean Girl

Favorite Book Series: Michael Vey, Percy Jackson (Both Series), The Looking Glass Wars

Favorite Movie except no cause there are too many movies out there for me to pick a favorite, but here are some of my top picks

Peter Pan from 2003 (The Disney one isn't terrible, but Wendy... nough said) Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan Neverland Nerve Now You See Me 1 & 2 Escape to Witch Mountain The Amazing Spider Man Anastasia Hairspray Anything Studio Ghibli Harry Potter

Top Manga:

D. Gray Man (So messed up wtf) Pandora Hearts (Also ridiculously messed up like wtf) 07 Ghost (Messed up) Gakuen Alice (Not as messed up, but still messed up)

So basically in all of these stories the characters live fucked up lives and then they just progressively get worse and Pandora Hearts made me cry... so my writing may turn out the same, but hey at least I won't frickin kill of any of the characters unlike some manga who like making me an emotional mess of tears and snot *hmph*

- Also into yaoi

Favorite Manga except once again there are too frickin many so I am limiting myself to 12 and no they are not my top 10 just some of my favs cause once again there are too many and if I can avoid making decisions then I will.

  1. Kaze No Stigma
  2. D. Gray Man
  3. Towa No Quon
  4. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei/ The Irregular at Magic High School
  5. Acchi Kocchi
  6. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
  7. Genesis of Aquarion
  8. Chrome Shelled Regios
  9. Prince of Tennis
  10. Fruits Basket
  11. Shugo Chara
  12. Grisaia (all seasons or series or whatnot)

Favorite Male Fictional Characters of All Time!

  1. Peter Pan (Duh)
  2. Nico Di Angelo (Used to be Percy Jackson all the way, but fanfics have converted me)
  3. Allen Walker
  4. Danny Phantom/Fenton
  5. Robin aka Richard *Dick* Grayson
  6. Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen
  7. Oz Vessalius, Elliot Nightray, and Vincent Nightray... they are all dead...
  8. Teito Klein, Mikage Celestine, Hakuren Oak, Castor... 2/4 die, and their "souls" do come back, but... *sobs* its not the same!
  9. Natsume Hyuga and Luca (Ruka?) Nogi
  10. Kazuma Yagami
  11. The Black Reaper aka Hei
  12. Kyoya Ootori, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin
  13. Captain Jack Sparrow
  14. Jack Frost

And then as a side not Asa Butterfield and Zac Efron are beautiful people

Favorite Female Fictional Characters of All Time!

  1. Hermione Granger or just Emma Watson in general
  2. Ocean Girl aka Neri
  3. Anastasia
  4. Jane Doe
  5. Alyss Heart
  6. Cinderella characters from the Cinderella based movies Ever After, Another Cinderella Story, and Once Upon a Song
  7. Enma Ai aka Hell Girl
  8. Katara
  9. Daenerys Targaryen
  10. Barbie from her early Barbie movies before they turned to shit and hey some of them are pretty frickin good and I grew up on them so no judgement!

And I don't actually know what to put down here so I just copied one of my favorite writers profile set up... so yup.

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