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So, I started writing about a year and a half ago. I'm a guy, currently 26 years old. So far I've written Teen Titans fics, which is what I've been reading lately, but I've also read Legend of Zelda, Smash Brothers, DBZ, and a few Spiderman fics as well, among other things, so I might start writing some of those too.

I like to try and write things that are different and not something people would normally think to write. I try to do things that people wouldn't normally expect.

Update 2/5/2017- My Teen Titans fics are on a hiatus for the time being. It's just hard to write for it unless I'm reading in the fandom, and I've read only two fics/chapters in there in the last few months. I haven't read too many Teen Titans fics lately because there have been a high number of stories in that section where the way some of the characters are treated and portrayed really didn't sit right with me, at all. I didn't review most of these because I couldn't really say what I thought without seeming like I was flaming the fic, so if I reviewed your fic, it wasn't one of the ones I had complaints about.

I want to come back eventually because I had a few ideas already and I came up with even more while reading other fanfiction. I was thinking about some crossovers too.

Right now, I'm working on a Dragon Ball Z fic so if you guys are interested, be looking out for that.

Update: I'm working on What I've always wanted chapter 9, I'll be focusing on that and Cut: Super Saiyan.

Update 9/15/2017- My Teen Titans fics are on hiatus. I started What I've Always Wanted chapter 9 but don't have enough inspiration to finish it right now. I'm working on a few DBZ fics though, mainly Cut: Super Saiyan chapter 12. In addition, I've got a couple story ideas that I'll be working on in the future:

The Cell Phone (title not finalized)

Worst Nightmare-

Betrayed and Vilified- I saw some of those Krillin bashing fics and stories that make some of the good guys rapists, cheaters, and all kinds of crazy stuff. I didn't like them at all. This is an anti-character bashing fic calling out the act of making certain characters OOC on purpose to make them look bad.

No Royal Treatment chapter 2 is coming as well. If I have any more ideas, I'll list them here.

Update 4/21/2018- Here is a list of stories that I will be writing next:

Gohan and Goten fic- Title not finalized. A story taking place during the time Gohan and Goten were training for the world tournament.

Universe 6 Field Trip- Prologue to the next installment in my 'Super Saiyan' series. I'll probably put this in the DB Super section. Caulifla and an OC are the associated characters.

The Truth About Yuri- Gohan is depressed when his relationship with Videl doesn't work out. Piccolo can cheer him up.

Cat and Mouse- With all other Z-Fighters away, Piccolo senses the presence of an enemy left over from Earth's previous crisis. But does he really deserve to die?

The Ruined Dress- Takes place in Future Trunks' timeline. A civilian finds a girl while on the run struggling to survive the terror of the androids.

Inferior- Modern AU. Lapis is tired of being (negatively) compared to his sister, leading him to be somewhat depressed and antisocial. But one young man enters his life and shows him love that Lapis never expected to get.

Old Pervert- Short drabble about Master Roshi.

The Cell Phone (title not finalized)- K/18 AU sort of parody of the Goosebumps book Don't Scream. Twelve year old Krillin Chestnut receives a new cell phone, but there's a mysterious voice coming from the phone that forces him to do its bidding. He soon realizes an innocent girl is trapped inside?!

Fathers and Sons- Having already reconciled with Raditz in otherworld, Bardock gets a pass to come to Earth for a single day to talk to the son he never got to know. He finds that not only does Goku not recognize him, but is also having problems with his relationship with his own son. Can Bardock, Goku, and Gohan all come to a new understanding in one day?

The Controller Saga- This will be the sort of big finale fic. Krillin and Yamcha, among others, are shunned by the other Z-Fighters. But the Super Saiyan Cut violently interrupts their lives, insisting the shunned people's fates are not their own doing, but an unfair judgment made by an unseen force. (Formerly Betrayed and Vilified)

Ongoing Fic:

Super Saiyans Among the Stars- Sequel to Cut: Super Saiyan and next installment in the 'Super Saiyan' series. This will be ongoing while I work on other stories. Starts right after Universe 6 Field Trip.

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