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Hi and welcome

Ummmm if your reading this then it safe to say that your truly interested and curious and if that's is so then let me just say thank you. Not many people take the time to actually read these profile these days, but hey I'm not complaining about it but I am smiling at you ( with good intentions ) and that's only because you did take your time to read it and so that's is where my gratitude comes in and once again thank you #happy dance #smiling face.

Well ill start with the basics detail with me.

5'5 tall

Dark brown eyes and curly medium think hair

Eldest siblings

Favorite color Green then Red

Have 3 dogs and 1 cat

All about saving the planet and animals

Love to read and watch movies.

Like most of yous I really do love to read so I'm pretty lay back. Now I've TRY to write a story (emphasis the word TRY lol) but the truth to the matter is my spelling is terrible and my grammar is not that great either (even thoe English is my 1st language ) it's the slang that's makes it hard. Apparently In my country we use slang word way to much and it makes it hard for others to understand me well enough. So yeah I think I'll leave that for thoes that truly aspire it and know what's they're doing when writing that really good story. That and I'm a perfectionist and it will annoy me if it not done right (which means it will never be published lol).

I like to watch many programs and because there so many I can't name them all. I like Acton, horror, thriller, comedian, all most all. I say almost only because I'm not really a big fan or drama (sorry guys for those who are) don't get me wrong I will read or watch them only if I'm in the mood but like I said not really a big fan. Nothing against it just me.

But if you feel like talking or if you would like to ask me a random question. Don't hesitate to ask. I love make new friends and I can talk till the cows come home. Well I think that all for now untill I think of some other things I might add or change on here. So untill I hear from you.

Goodbye, goodnight and good day to you all


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