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I'm incredibly lonely and and I have no life. I spend my time writing bad fanfics, posting them here, then taking them down.

I read other people's fanfics and that's pretty much it.

I watch a lot of cartoons. A lot of cartoons. Some of them(half of them) are aimed at an age range lower than mine.

My Fandoms
In no particular order:

Star Versus the Forces of Evil(I actually entered the fandom by watching the season finale of season one xD) Gravity Falls Harry Potter Percy Jackson(My sister's name is Rachel Elizabeth {last name not here}) My Little Pony Miraculous Ladybug(It was a hot, summer Saturday. I had Netflix and time to waste)

My least favorite thing about each of my fandoms:

Star Versus the Forces of Evil- The shipping drama(also the hiatus) Gravity Falls- It ended after only 2 seasons ;-; Harry Potter- All the really bad crossovers Percy Jackson- The movies My Little Pony- Rainbow Factory and all that sort of stuff Miraculous Ladybug- the formulaic stuff (season 2 is getting better(English subtitles on the French stuff ))

Books I'm Reading Currently:

A Wrinkle in Time


The Lord of the Rings series

My Pastimes:

Playing Minecraft with friends Reading great books Writing terrible fanfics and attempted books Drawing bad artwork

My favorite shows:

  1. Gravity Falls, it's, by far, the best show I have watched in a long time
  2. Star Versus the Forces of Evil
  3. Sherlock, I'm just not active in the fandom

My favorite books:

  1. Don't make me choose

My favorite characters in each of my fandoms:

Star Versus the Forces of Evil- either Star, Marco, Buffrog, or Eclipsa Gravity Falls-I can't decide between Bill, Mabel, and Dipper (yes I know Bill was a villain, but he was just so enjoyable) Harry Potter-Luna Lovegood Percy Jackson-Annabeth My Little Pony-I don't really have one Miraculous Ladybug- I don't really have one here either

My ships:

Star Versus the Forces of Evil- Starco, I really like Starco(But I swear I won't be rude to anyone who doesn't ship Starco. Those people are just annoying) Gravity Falls- Meh, if you made me say one it would probably be Dipcifica, but I'm not really that big of a shipper in this fandom. Harry Potter- I really don't have a big thing for shipping in this series. Percy Jackson- Percabeth, absolutely Percabeth My Little Pony- I'm not really a shipper in this fandom. Miraculous Ladybug- Lady Noir maybe? Like I've said, I'm not a huge shipper.

My favorite music artist:

Definitely Adam Young, I really enjoy anything he does (except All My Friends and a couple songs from Mobile Orchestra)

My favorite animal:


Pet Peeve:

Improper grammar(I know, I know, I came to the wrong website if that's my pet peeve)

Um, is there anything else I need to say?

Oh, right!

I really need new members for my forum. It's currently still being created, but I could always use some friends and/or moderators.

Thanks if you read this all the way through, I don't expect anyone to.

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