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I am a college student right now. I am also really shy near other people, a little weird, forgetful, and sometimes get myself into trouble because I don't think with my head. I kind of have an imagination of a kid.

Favorite Characters:

Ever After High: (Girl: Raven) (Boy: Dexter)

I am a rebel in Ever After High

Winx Club: (Fairy: Flora) (Specialist: Helia) (Witch: Selina)

Star Darlings: Sage

Regal Academy: (Girl: Rose Cinderella) (Boy: Hawk SnowWhite)

Mysticons: Zarya (Mysticon Ranger)

Favorite Precure series: Suite Precure

Favorite Precure: Kurokawa Ellen (Cure Beat) (Suite Precure)

Favorite Lead Precure: Yumehara Nozomi (Cure Dream) (Yes! Precure 5! Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!)

Favorite Fairy Mascot: Hummy (Suite Precure)

Favorite Super Sentai series: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters

Favorite Kamen Rider series: Kamen Rider Wizard

Favorite Aikatsu Character Ichigo Generation: Hoshimiya Ichigo

Favorite Aikatsu Character Akari Generation: Ozora Akari

Favorite Aikatsu Brand: Swing Rock

Favorite Aikatsu Stars Character: Nijino Yume

Favorite Aikatsu Stars Brand: Spice Chord

Favorite Aikatsu Friends Character: Yuki Aine

Favorite Aikatsu Friends Brand: Pure Palette

Favorite Aiaktsu Friends Regular Brand: Sugar Melody

Please check out my Wattpad profile. It has the same pen name as this account. (https:///user/WinxStarDracoFire)

Birthdate: October 20, 2000

My O.C. for Winx Club.

Katrina: hybrid fairy of storms, wind, light, and darkness (Ekat.) Princess of Electronica

Mia: She is the fairy of nature and earth and also Katrina's little sister (Janus)

Thomas: Mia's boyfriend (Tomas) Weapon: Hammer

Flash: Katrina's boyfriend (Madrigal) weapon: Sword

Lucas: Selina's boyfriend (Lucian) Weapon: Whip

Whisper: Dark fairy of darkness. She was the dark side of Katrina, and now that she is free, she is going to destroy her good side. She is the leader of an organization called the Dark Syndicate.

Kitsuna: A kitsune who was left behind by her pack because she was weak and pathetic. She met in the prairie of Electronica Whisper, and she promised her to be robust enough to get revenge on her pack.

Titan: He was the strongest, and King Raiden and Queen Alizeh trusted knight in Electronica. When he was planning to seize the throne, King Raiden and Queen Alizeh stopped him from happening and was sent to the Omega Dimension to be trapped in an icy block prison. Whisper freed him, and he gave his loyalty to her in return for releasing him.

Draco: A boy who was part of a test subject of a lab experiment. During this experiment, there was a malfunction and the experiment gone wrong. He was infused with lizard DNA and became a mutant. Now his friends, classmates, and family called him a monster. When he was alone in the forest on Earth, he met Whisper, and she promised him to get revenge on the people who called him a monster.

Tristian: A specialist who was in love with Katrina but she didn't like him. He was expelled from Red Fountain for almost killing Flash. When he met Whisper, she promised to help him get his revenge on Flash.

Katrina Retainer's

Shadow Witch of shadows:

Poisandra witch of Poison:

Terra witch of Earth:

Frostina fairy of ice:

Serafine fairy of fire:

Arika fairy of water:

My O.C. for Ever After High:

Frostine Winter daughter of the Snow Queen:

Isabelle Negro daughter of the Black Rabbit:

Hansika Swan daughter of the Black Swan:

Keira Queen youngest daughter of the Evil Queen:

Melora White youngest daughter of Snow White:

Nerida Mermaid youngest daughter of the Little Mermaid:

Ever After High 3rd Generation Girls:

Avalon White: Apple's eldest daughter

Melora White: Apple's youngest daughter

Luna Queen: Raven's and Dexter's middle daughter

Elise Queen: Raven's and Dexter's youngest daughter

Celeste Queen: Raven's and Dexter's eldest daughter

Olivia Cupid: C.A. Cupid's daughter

Madison (Name after the girl that I have a crush on when I was little) Hatter: Madeline's daughter

Primrose (Prim) Beauty: Briar's oldest daughter

Kaly Beauty: Briar's youngest daughter

Marie Beauty: Briar's middle daughter

Silver Lockes: Blondie's and Humphrey's daughter

Alana Swan: Duchess's daughter

Grace Swan: Duchess's daughter

Kari Hearts: Lizzie's daughter

Alyssa (Name after my cousin) Wonderland: Bunny's and Alistair's daughter oldest daughter

Winter Wonderland: Bunny's and Alistair's daughter youngest daughter

Natalie Thorn: Faybelle's daughter

Sugar Croackington: Ginger's and Hopper's oldest daughter

Honey Croakington: Ginger's and Hopper's second oldest daughter

Caramel Croakington: Ginger's and Hopper's third oldest daughter

Tiana Croakington: Ginger's and Hopper's youngest daughter

Abigail Cheshire: Kitty's daughter

Ashley Huntsman: Ashlynn's and Hunter's son

Aria Piper: Melody's daughter

Sonata Piper: Melody's daughter

Coral Mermaid: Meeshell's daughter

Amelia Thumbell: Nina's daughter

Felicity Goodfairy: Farrah's daughter

Eira Winter: Crystal's daughter

Tala Badwolf: Ramona's daughter

Fenella Hood: Cerise's oldest daughter

Crimson Hood: Cerise's youngest daughter

Silvia Wood: Cedar's daughter

Nicole Dancer: Justine's daughter

Sable Charming: Rosabella's and Daring's daughter

Fiona Redford: Darling's and Chase's daughter

Linnet Hood: Poppy's and Sparrow's daughter

Ciara O' Hair: Holly's daughter

Jacqueline (Jaclyn) Beanstalk: Jillian's and Tiny's daughter

Lainie-Bo Peep: Lilly's daughter

Gabrielle Crumb: Gus's daughter

Amanda (Named after my cousin Alyssa's older sister) Jester: Courtly's daughter

Emily Page: Brooke Page's daughter

Ever After High 3rd Generation Boys:

Malus White: Apple's eldest son

Bel White: Apple's youngest son

Ryan Queen: Raven's and Dexter's eldest son.

Jude Queen: Raven's and Dexter's youngest son.

Rider Huntsman: Ashlynn's and Hunter's son.

Swain Charming: Rosabella's and Daring's oldest son.

Christian (Chris) Charming: Rosabella's and Daring second oldest son.

Gareth Charming: Rosabella's and Daring third oldest son.

Nathan (Named after my brother) Charming: Rosabella's and Daring's youngest son.

Flynn Hood: Cerise's son.

Diego Croakington: Ginger's and Hopper's son

Rudy Badwolf: Ramona's son

Sawyer Wood: Cedar's son

Roy Redford: Darling's and Chase's son

Lark Hood: Poppy's and Sparrow's son

Blake O' Hair: Holly's son

Felix Cheshire: Kitty's son

Halbert Crumb: Helga's son

Ramone Piper: Melody's son

Jake Beanstalk: Jillian's and Tiny's son

Dylan Page (Name after my other cousin): Brooke Page's son

Alex Wonderland: Bunny and Alistair's son

You can find more information about my OC at my Wattpad account in the story that said Ever After High 3rd Generation OC.

Other Ever After High OC:

Valencia Moon: an orphan who looks after herself and other homeless orphans. She's mostly a lone wolf and doesn't like snobby royals. One day she went to the Queen's castle to steal in order for her to survive, but she meets Luna and they became friends.

Willow Wisp: an elf orphan who's full of energy and follows Valencia wherever she goes. However, she may act like a little kid. Even though she considers Valencia a friend, Valencia doesn't see her as a friend but more of an annoyance. But they still get along very well.

Parker: a troblin who lives in the Mystic Woods. He loves to camp out and wander through the Mystic Woods. He knows a lot about the Mystic Woods like his way around, the plants, and creatures there. He's great at offering advice and gets himself out of sticky situations.

Norm: a Yeti that lives in an ice cave away from the Royal Winter family palace. He loves sliding down his ice slide and eating hydrangeas or ice cream, and sledding. He is an excellent healer and tracker. He doesn't get a lot of visitors but he does like some company.

Sasha: A power sorceress in her town. She was banished by the town's people because the king was jealous of her power so he asked an old witch to place a spell on his people to think that Sasha was dangerous and evil. Now she became a wandering nomad. When she arrived at the Temple of Light she opened a cursed box which will make her be lost forever. Luckily Sable used the magic lamp that Luna gave her to put Sasha inside. However, she can only go out of her lamp for four hours. If she doesn't return back to the lamp within four hours she'll be turned to dust. Luckily she became a genie now and can grant people three wishes. Sable promise to protect her and find a way to break her curse.

Gargantum: a giant friendly vegetarian ogre who lives in a cave in the Mystic Woods. He enjoys visitors and eating giant pomegranate fruit.

Miratrix: Luna's evil side. When Luna was about to use the Mirror of Fate at the Temple of Destiny to get rid of her curse once and for all. The mirror suddenly broke causing Luna's good and evil side to split apart. Now the Luna's evil side was now a living person who called herself Miratrix, her goal was to destroy Luna to gain full control of her body.

Miss Evergreen: a kind woman who runs the Fairy Orphanage where Valencia and Willow grew up. She was nice to Luna for visiting her and the children. Also, giving her some food and money to keep the orphanage running. All the orphan children look up to Valencia, Willow, and Luna for taking care of them.

Evan Miles: he works at the same TV and Movie Studio that Luna works. Kinda have a huge crush on her, but Luna only sees him as a friend.

Chip: Butternut's son. Has a crush on Crimson Hood.

Rocky: Pie's son. Has a crush on Kaly Beauty.

Angel: Butternut's daughter.

Taffy: Pie's daughter.

Hailey Queen: Luna's, Celeste's, Elise's, Jude's, and Ryan's cousin. She is also a Starling that lives in Ever After but acts more like a spoiled brat who wants to have fun and hate being told what to do. Her boyfriend is Blade who was a bad influence on her which is why their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles want them to stop seeing each other.

Blade Avera: Hailey's boyfriend who was a bad influence on her which is why their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles want them to stop seeing each other.


NE-K9: a Bot-Bot from Starland who is Luna's friend, helper, an assistant. He helps her with her studies, make music, cook, meditate, and have a nice conversation with.

Winx Club Transformation:

Dreamix: must be wearing a Dreamix artifact.

Monsterix: must be wearing a monster pendant.

Spiritix: must unlock your spirit animal.

Legendix: Must be partnered with someone from Ever After High

Starix: Must be partnered with someone from Starland

My Schedule Pacific Time:

Wednesday Speech Therapy: 3:00 P.M - 4 P.M.

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