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Personal Update


I've removed my fics from FFN that were pending rewrite. I'm still tinkering with them and will post them on AO3 when they are ready.

Free Grammar Tips!

"should have" not "should of"

"a lot" not "alot"

"definitely" not "defiantly"

Regarding Pairings

So, a hot topic in many fandoms is the idea of pairings. I am not immune to the concept, and I have my few chosen ones. What baffles me is the obsession with certain themes. A few things I can guarantee you will never see in a story I write are male pregnancy (there is no anatomical basis for that, and seriously? Ew), aberrant physical feature development (spontaneously growing extra breasts, limbs, etc without reason), Stockholm syndrome (my characters will never fall in love with their abusers, even if the story creators inexplicably pair them. I'm looking at you Gajeel and Levy), and explicit sexual assault (The number of stories I've seen that completely disregard the physical capabilities of characters just to put them in the 'shock value' role of victim is absurd. Inoue Orihime is a black belt that can create impenetrable barriers.)

I will also never reward a villain with a pairing or damn a hero to be with one. So no Draco, Snape, Death Eater X, Y, Z, member of the Spriggan 12, Grimoire Heart, CP9, Team CMNE, Torchwick, HYDRA, or the Galra bloody Empire will have romantic fulfillment at any level.

This isn't to say romantic entanglements won't occur in my stories, but I won't crowbar them in. Some characters will never get pairings from me because I either don't like the character or I don't see a proper fit. An example is Sanji. 70% of the time I want to strangle him, and I can't see him ever being faithful to anyone. Therefore, unless Oda comes up with a character that he becomes paired with that he stops his nauseating "ero cook" garbage for, he's going to remain a bachelor.

I have no preference between single pairings and harems, and I'll write both. However, they have to work for it.


One thing I try to do in my stories is keeping characters more or less true to their basic nature. I may tweak things here and there, but at the core, they are largely the same. I guess that's why I can never understand the overused b.s. trope of "Natsu suddenly becomes a monumental douchebag to Lucy and kicks her out for Lisanna." or "Lisanna is a manipulative bitch and steals Natsu from Lucy." Lisanna is the ultimate sweetheart. Natsu is the recipient of the most "Nakama Powerupness" and never gives up on his friends. That's their basic nature. Those two things are as likely as Laxus is to suddenly don a pink tutu and ask Charle to dance.

If it was one person doing something 'edgy,' I guess it would be one thing, but come on. I look on here and see twelve new stories just like it a week. Invariably Lucy becomes a Slayer of some variety and curb stomps everyone. Or gets raped. Seriously people? There's not enough of that shit in the real world?

Harry Potter

Weasleys generally suck. Hermione deserved better than to be ruined that way. Regarding pairings here, Harry/Hermione or Harry/Hermione/Luna all the way. Snape is awful and only the late Alan Rickman gave that two-dimensional angst peddler depth.

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