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hello I'm a person who can come up with story ideas but does not have the skill to write them out for example a story idea I call Fox lord is based on a wasteland world where demons run amuck. the Fox lord is a person who raises fox kits and demon fox kits to adulthood. well one day the Fox lord comes across other humans and has the fox's with him hide while he confronts them. when he approached them they pointed there weapons at him and demanded what he wanted. Fox lord tells them hello I'm trait all I want is to join your group and see if I can trust you. they thought about it for a while and came to a decision. they had there defacto leader johnny approach him. johnny asked can you fight and help provide protection? trait replayed yes I can fight I can even help guide you to wherever you're going if you want. johnny says that won't be an issue we already have a guide but welcome aboard and so they traveled together but trait never told them about him being the Fox lord till much later. that's just one of many of my story ideas and that's only half of it and it's really just a ruff draft plz pm me if you're interested

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