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Not much to say about myself. I'm a Nerd who grew up watching Cartoons and later got into Anime.

Since I'm gravitating to the HP fandom here my opinion on things:

As a childrens story Harry Potter is one of the greatest fandoms and stories of all time. There'll be no Arguments from me. But there are so many plotholes in the thing it's a miracle it's readable. Personally I've rewritten the entire first 6 books into what I now call Harry Potter (Battlemage). Sadly I can't share those because of copyright issues. There is just too much of the originals still there.


In my opinion the pairings for the characters were left entirely open at the end of the last book, I blatantly refuse to consider and acknowledge both the Epilogue and the recently released 'cursed child' bs canon. So they'll be deftly ignored in all my stories.

After the battle we could have seen just about any girl walk up to Harry to just be there for him, my personal favourites however are Hermione, Luna and Ginny, who I think would have gotten first crack at being a romantic interest.

HP/ Hermione is really the only true pairing if you've paid any attention to the books. You can actually pinpoint all the times J.K messes with the relationship between them so they don't end up together.

I'm also utterly convinced that Canon Hermione was replaced by an imposter somewhere during fourth year. Not contacting Harry after the tournament, cause of Dumbledore was out of character, before that, she'd never chosen authority over her friends before. On the BS went until of course R/HG happened. You will see this pairing in my stories every time I write Harry with someone other than Hermione, which will be a lot, just because it straight up disgusts me so much I'm incapable of not bashing them.

Their constant fighting, and Ron really just being Gryffindors Malfoy with his hatred for everything Slytherin would never have made a decent relationship. I also don't see how Hermione would have chosen to be with him when he was partially responsible for her getting killed by a troll. I don't care how long you've been friends, there are some things you don't just forget!

As for Luna, I truly believe that she and Harry could have been an epic romance story, even in canon we get more meaningful interaction between the two than Harry and Ginny ever have.

Ginny, I like the pairing as an idea, the way it was done in canon simply doesn't work though.

Other pairings I enjoy and will likely end up writing:

HP/ Fleur woulda been interesting...

HP/ Daphne Greengrass at least the way she's shown in fanfiction. I just like the idea of someone reminding Harry that he has a Slytherin side.

HP/Tracey Davis, for much the same reasons as Daphne.

HP/ Padma, Tonks, Su Li... These 3 are more like... why not?

Apart from them, I find myself moving away from traditional pairings. In many ways it feels like everything has already been done. So I'll also try and write pairings that aren't everywhere. This will include older women, many of the Slytherins like the Carrow sisters or Pansy but also some Gryffindors, like the Quidditch team and Lavender, Parvati, Fay etc.

As a fair warning, Lavender Brown will always be a black girl in my stories. I don't know why, but for some reason she was always dark skinned in the movies until her 'romance trope' with Ron when she suddenly turned caucasian. I'm not having that bs.

Pairings that I will rip apart in my fics every chance I get include the following, list may grow over time:



Draco/anyone - in all my canon compliant stories he'll get exactly what he deserves, I do enjoy coming up with interesting ways to make that happen.

Main pairings you'll never see me actively write:



James/Lily - I dislike this pairing about as much as R/HG, how the smartest witch of her age got landed with the school bully is something I'll never understand. He and his friends must have been a terror if the Snape underwear scene is anything to go by.

Severus/Lily - Oh hell to the no, I don't give a shit about his 'Always' the guy was an evil shit and nothing can change that. Love doesn't excuse crippling a society by not teaching a core subject like potions correctly, nor does it excuse torturing children (Neville) during those classes. Snape is a broken individual that tried to redeem himself, but in my eyes utterly failed.

Remus/anyone- in the future I'll attempt to ignore Remus for the most part, just like he ignored Harry growing up. I don't understand how the fandom has such a hard on for the guy, personally he's about as guilty of everything Harry suffered as the Dursleys are. And no, I will not make up, nor accept made up excuses for the man. All we know for sure is this: He disappeared, and when he came back he didn't even straight up tell Harry that he knew his parents and could tell him about them.

Many of my stories will include multipairings with Harry as the male part and the females making up the 'multi.' I will always try to show how they fall in love, and it will always end in all parts being equal instead of the girls being disgusted by the others. Might not always succeed but I will try.

Lastly Ryan is my shortened version of Hadrian it's a nickname. I don't know why that seems so confusing for people.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories. :)

Any way if you have anything to say, feel free to pm me.

There is now a translation to German for Hadrian Black The other Twin:


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