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Who am I? Who makes me, me? Try to guess...


Jokercoke:a little green container of purple pills that have deranged smily face patterns all over them.

Ingedients: Giggles: 5, Bloodlust: 15, Anarchy: 10, Insanity: 50, Gut-busting hysterical laughter: 20, Fun of a Lifetime: 100. (Wow, I feel like I'm in a Mastercard commercial. o_0)

Side Effects May Include: Random bursts of laughter, Disoriented thought process, nonsensical speaking, and/or a sudden fascination with the color purple and shiny pointed objects. Contact your doctor immediately should you find yourself with a sudden desire to murder and destroy society, as this may be a rare but serious side effect. Do not use if you have thoughts of homicide.

Other side effects may include laughing randomly, nonstop writing, sleeplessness and headaches.

Serious and sometimes fatal laughter or a rictus grin may occur within such cases you should consult your doctor.

You should also consult your doctor if you begin to suffer from maschocistic or sadistic symptoms or an obsession with knives and/or the colors purple and green.

You should tell your doctor about other drugs you may be using.

You should not take it with alcohol, (unless of course its Jokerchol).

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