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Hellascape in.

This is Hella (Div) and I'm happy to see you on my profile!

I am a potterhead and a twihard. I have read all the books and seen all movies and I honestly love Emma Watson's acting. She really brings out the beauty of Hermione Granger. I also love Robert Pattinson for his wonderful and very accurate portrayal of Edward Cullen, but I frankly can't say the same for Kristen as Bella.

Tom Felton is hot. Hella-hot.

I've basically made this account for reading purposes but I might even post some quality fandom material. My otp is Dramione and my notp is Harmony [Harry/Hermione]. No offence to those who ship it, it's not really my cup of tea. I do not write twilight fan fiction but it was my first fandom so...

I'm 5'7, with wheatish skin complexion, chocolate brownish eyes with dark brown hair. Nothing more to say, but for the fact that I'm sure whoever's reading this is beautiful.

I'm officially in Ravenclaw (wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure!) and my favourite color is purple. I love DIY and making Harry Potter edits. I am fifteen and currently residing in India.

I support LGBTQAIIP and my preferred pronouns are she/her. I'm a cis/het female and an ally.

I'm on instagram and twitter by the same username that is @hellascape.

My bff-bae Arianne is the one who touched up my profile. Make sure to check her out-

What goes around , comes around

What goes up most come down.

Its called KARMA baby,

And it goes around...

Hellascape out.

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