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It seems that every time I go back and read my old work, I can't help but cringe. It's one thing to wince at grammar mistakes and badly written self-insertions of other (often younger) writers on , but it's a slap in the face to look at your own work and realize that you've been doing the same thing.

I've probably committed almost every taboo in the world of writing. Mary-Sues, hideous grammar, incomprehensible spelling, writing in ALL CAPS,and loopy, nonsensical plot lines: I plead guilty. I'm probably still making some writing blooper or another - I just don't know it yet. However, despite everything, I will always put forth 100 percent effort into a story. I love the rush I get from weaving together plot elements in my head, I love seeing the characters that fill my world come to life, and I love writing.

If nothing else, learning how to write has been a lesson in humility. I won't flame a twelve-year-old writer trying to piece together a high-school romance story that he or she don't really have a grasp on, because I've been there, done that. I also hang onto every word that the older, more experienced authors give me because I know that they can probably spot things in my writing that I'm completely oblivious to. I know it can sometimes be frustrating to browse through a fandom and find tons of non-literate crap spewed out by writers who don't really know what they're doing, but I think we've all been there at one point in time, and the whole point of having this site is to share our work and learn.

What comes around, goes around. I think that being patient enough to offer help where it is needed and humble enough to accept help when it is offered will ultimately lead to better writing and better stories to read. And practice makes perfect, I guess.

In the end, a story is a story, and a writer is a writer is a writer.

Story Profiles:

-Stories are listed in alphabetical order-

Alchemy no Jutsu:
Fullmetal Alchemist/Naruto crossover (Action/Adventure/General) T Anime Continuation. Movie continuity ignored.

Summary: In Konoha, a summoning jutsu goes to work. In Amestris, a certain State Alchemist finds himself being pulled, once more, out of his own world. And somewhere in between, demons, gangs of dangerous shinobi, and a deadly mix of alchemy and ninjutsu clash to make the most unbelievable battle Konoha has ever seen.

An action adventure story with plenty of explosions and high-leveled, kickass fights, "Alchemy no Jutsu" is lighter and more action oriented than any of my other fanfictions. The plotline should have been relatively straightforward - get dragged to a new world, beat the bad guys, seal the demons, clean up, and go home. Only, that's much easier said than done, and Ed and his newfound ninja friends run into more than just one complication on the way. And when things start going wrong at home in Amestris, the two worlds must then help each other to fix their problems. Action story, no pairings; THIRD PRIORITY
Upcoming Chapter - CH V: Fury of the Ed - 0 percent completed

Beta readers: None

Christ and Chrysanthemums:
Biblical (Spiritual/Friendship) T Semi-Historical Fiction. No definite research.

Summary: Sometimes, the truest picture of God comes in between the Child and the Adult the Teenager. The most beautiful flowers are only half-bloomed. The adolescent years of the Christ, through the eyes of a fictional character, Shairi the taxcollector's daughter, one of his earliest friends.

This begins as a cute, innocent story that should warm your heart and make you feel more at ease, but it gradually mutates into a more mature, adult saga as the characters grow older and their worlds become so much more complicated. Beginning with Jesus ('Jes') and Shairi, the taxcollector's daughter, in their childhood, and following through to the Crucifixtion, this story is loosely based on historical fact and the Bible. Written on a whim, updates will vary.
Upcoming Chapter - ON HIATUS

Beta readers: None

Crimson Rain:
Bleach (Romance/General) T Drabble-fic

Summary: Random HitsuHina drabbles ranging from fluff, to tragedy, to humor, to angst. Spoiler warnings, other pairings might be added on whim. Don't like, don't read.

Random drabbles that have no coherent theme. "Crimson Rain" is merely the name of the first drabble, and the entire fanfiction has no overarching storyline or chronological order. Like I said, it's written on a whim. This will be updated spasmodically, based on my mood, but is currently on hiatus until Unending Storm is completed.
Upcoming Chapter - ON HIATUS

Beta readers: None

Final Alchemy:
Fullmetal Alchemist (Action/Adventure/General) T+ Continuation Post Anime. Movie continuity is ignored.

Summary: Ed finds a way to return to Amestris five years later, but the Gate forces him to help it in return. Upon his quest to complete his task, Edward Elric finds himself dragged into something much bigger and more dangerous than anything he could ever have imagined. Four worlds hang in the balance, and Balance itself is in danger. And at the heart of everything...lies the Tree of Knowledge.

"Final Alchemy" brings in very complicated plotlines, a deep conspiracy, and a situation where Ed's every action can wreak consequences beyond his imagination. Through difficulties that change him, hurt him, scar him, and make him stronger, Ed slowly matures into who he always was, and learns that there is something more than knowledge and Equivalent Exchange at work in the world. "Final Alchemy" revolves around giving something your all, and then some, in order to protect that which you love. Serious Fanfiction.
Upcoming Chapter - Rewritten CH I: Returning Home - 40 percent completed (ON HIATUS UNTIL UNENDING STORM'S COMPLETION)

Beta readers: None (Now Hiring!)

Tattered Friendship:
Hunter X Hunter (Friendship/Angst) K+ Series Continuation

Summary: Through a sadistic twist of fate, Killua and Gon both recieve letters informing them of their fathers' deaths on the same day, but is it merely a sick coincidence? When Killua digs a bit deeper, he stumbles across a centuries old conspiracy that involves himself and Gon. What can two boys do against an ancient legacy that's set on tearing them apart? KilluaGon FRIENDSHIP

"Tattered Friendship" was a result of my severe disappointment when the mangaka announced that he would not be continuing the series until his children graduated college. Hence, I set my brain to work and created this story, which ties in many of their previous adventures and offers a plausible explanation for why their parents acted the way they did. The plotline is twisting, but fairly innocent, revolving around the themes of "breaking free" and doing what you as an individual want to do, rather than being tied down to tradition. DISCONTINUED
Upcoming Chapter - NONE

Unending Storm:
Bleach (Romance/Adventure) T+ Divergence/AU after SS arc

Summary: Hinamori never woke up. A century has passed since the war with Aizen, and those that survived have rebuilt their lives. But the war hasn't ended yet. When history repeats itself, Hitsugaya must face the darkest storm in his heart.

This story revolves around a reincarnation theme - Hinamori is reincarnated after her death, and it puts Hitsugaya through psychological trials that force him to confront everything that happened in the past. With several plot twists, Aizen's return, and the redemption and realizations of Hitsugaya Toushirou and those closest to him, "Unending Storm" should be a tragic, realistic, and ultimately uplifting romance story targeting more mature readers. Serious Fanfiction.
Upcoming Chapter - CH IV: Renaissance - 35 percent completed

Beta readers: Prodigy Keyblade Wielder; s0ccermadnes

Since I really want to finish these fanfictions one at a time, I decided to concentrate on one fanfiction before moving on to another. Unending Storm is currently top priority, then Final Alchemy, then Alchemy no Jutsu, then Christ and Chrysanthemums, and finally Crimson Rain. Tattered Friendship is discontinued. If you would like me to reprioritize, or continue writing a certain fanfiction, please PM me. If enough people ask, I will comply.

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