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I feel really guilty for not finishing most of my works, so I've deleted some of my worse ones. I'll try and continue all my stories and give them perfect endings.

Also re-editing all of stories, making them much easier to read.


Because I Feel nothing When I Hurt You-Starts at the near ending of season six, after the final battle with Lotor. Keith realizes how to bring Shiro back, but the clone wakes up before he could finish explaining. With the realization that the clone has a personality and emotions, Keith no longer has the will to bring back Shiro. Yet, the clone himself wants Shiro back, but Keith refuses. The line between morality of another's and theirs has never been this clear before. There is no war without loss. Probably only a two-shot. No pairing. One chapter, Finished.

Again- To BE, Maplestory. Freud has regretted only one action. That he was unable to end the Black mage. But now he is willing to become the martyr for his friends this time around. Explores Freud's time magic and time travel and the sins of his deed. No pairing. Two-shot and a bonus, Finished.

Hate- To BE, Maplestory. When Evan snaps (the eventuality of the event is laughable but still) Evan will snap hard and his misguided hate will rest upon Freud. Evan centric story. It delves into a darker path where Evan does not love Freud like the rest did. A brief look onto the darker side of Evan's path and mind. No pairing. One-shot, finished.

Out and gone- AU, Elsword. Under Ishmael's light nothing is forgiving and everything must be perfect. Three knight classes run away in search for another life. They seek Solace, the traitor who allegedly has created a paradise to live in outside of Ishmael's light. Five chapters, dead.

Swords on both side- Modern AU, Elsword. Elsword and his allies are searching for his sister and are working together to take down the largest terrorist group in Elrios. Each one holds different views of what should be done, and the legends about the Elgang seem to follow to today. Elesis has been marked a traitor, and Ara offers her help to become one of the most destructive villains ever, and it seems sorrow will come. Five chapters, most likely dead.

Fall from Grace- Voltron AU. A story about five people with special powers in a modern world where the Glara company is threatening stability in the cities with only the survivor of the Altean company being able to stand against them. Little do they know that the Glara also dabbles in things far more dangerous and mysterious. Talks about very mature things, you have been warned. Two chapters, Finished.

Dead End, Restart- Time travel AU, the future of where Uryu betrays his friends to the Wandenreich happens. Instead of ending however, he awakes, 15 years old again with the rapidly fading memories of the future and the desire to change it. Uncovering what happened in the future is the only way to change the present. Tries to follow cannon, ooc characters. In progress.

If Tragedy wasn't my middle name- AU I don't want this kind of hero. Raptor changes the entire future with only a single sentence to Mak morae. A world where Bak morae plays on the thin line of anti-villain as a hero only for Raptor. So, pretty much the good!Knife Au where they join Spoon. One-shot and a bonus, finished.

Dragonborn- Jake has been living a normal life, having fun with friends and playing around. Until an accidental run-in with the Huntsclan killing a unicorn, he never thought that he would be hunted for being who is he. With a personal experience of being hunted, how does this change his attitude? And feelings towards being a dragon? Rated for injuries and cursing. In progress.

Feel free to talk with me about anything, but be warned I do reply really late like up to 4 months late.

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