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August 9th, 2006 - Big Congratulations to Crimson Chain &Kuja's Little Mage for finishing both their FANTASTIC stories.
Crimson Chain, "Respect me not" =
Kuja's Little Mage, "Break me, Shake me" =

Both are BEAUTIFUL reads, and if you haven't yet, I suggest you should. :D
PS. Kuja's Little Mage, you're the greatest. xD You already have another story out! ;hearts;

Important: Don't look to me for stories written by me, I am not a writer(anymore), I simply read and review. If you want some good Kingdom Hearts fics go ahead and look in my favourites. ;)

Favourite Pairings;

Kingdom Hearts:
RikuxSora -- OBSESSION at the moment.
AxelxRoxas -- Same as above

Well... If you're interested (which I highly doubt), this is, well, me :

Hair: Shortish, dark brown. I have bangs now xD
Colour: Gray-green to Gray-blue now.
Favourite colour: Pastel green&Mocha&Yellow =)
Favourite Pastime: Reading fanfiction(all I do all day!), doodling with pretty coloured pens(pink =D), shopping, yelling at people and being mad(I'm moving! ;_;) & other things.
Favourite Music: Japanese/Anime and techno &stuff. xD
Favourite Band/Artist: Panic! At the Disco, Cascada


To Tame a Storm.
Kagome brings Inuyasha to school on a bet. Kagome bets that Inuyasha couldn't stand one day there, and if he's good, they go back that day, regardless of homework. Surprisingly, once there, they run into the mysterious "New Girl" and Inuyasha doesn't like her one bit! Let's just say, it's the cause of Animal Rivalry in the Animal Kingdom. Who is she, and how is she linked with the past? And why, does she looks so similair to Kagura (and the author)? Read to find out!
Pairings: Kagome/Inuyasha , Miroku/Sango.
Rating: PG-13 I believe. Some fighting to come, lot's of swearing... That sort of stuff (I'm honestly too lazy to write it all down, plus, I can't think of anymore)...
Reviews: 5. C'mon you guys! Is it really that bad? I feel un-loved... cries in a corner But to the people who did review, I LOVE YOU!
Status: GONE. NEVER TO BE UPDATED AGAIN. FINITO. Why? I just simply can't stand this anime anymore. Simple as that.

Soon-to-Be Stories:

None. I more of a reader&reviewer than a writer. Maybe in the future, but as it stands now, not really gonna write anything. =(

Character Profile: Storm Darkblade ( -- Only up if you just MAY want to read my stupid story.

Gender: Female!
Hair Colour: Long, almost down to her waist, black hair. Bangs like Kagura's.
Eye Colour: Purple, a light lilac colour when normal, but a fierce violet when mad.
Personality: She's like Inuyasha, becuase of the way she grew up. She's rude, stubborn and often bossy, but she has a kind heart underneath. She cares for her friends and is very protective. She is shy to men she likes, which is very few. She is an excellent fighter and can be quite arrogant at times.
Weapons: She carries the "Fan of the Dance" which is like Kagura's magical fan, except that her's has tiny blades at the tip of each ridge on the fan. It is capable of creating fire, water, wind, spirits... anything. She is also able to harbor souls and control them, giving them immense power. On her left hip, she has a sword. It's just an ordinary sword, but it works really well. Apart from those weapons, Storm also has magic, called Spellfire. She is able to shoot fire and create weapons from it too. Spellfire is not only a destructive magic, it can also heal. Her most famous and most powerful "spellfire" weapon would be the "Flame Sniper" (yes I know, it's off of Sailor Moon, but thats where I got the idea from, it's used the exact same way).

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