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I received so many PMs that I couldn't keep up on responding. I'm very grateful to everyone who reviewed and showed such interest and gave me constructive criticism. It helped me tremendously and I have to admit, it made me become a better writer. I've written an original work and it is based on Smile For Me, with many new and improved scenes, an additional plot twist and so much more. The names and places have obviously been changed. It's called "Rain" and can be found on Amazon . com. If you search the title with my first name, you'll find it. Anyone who enjoyed Smile For Me will definitely like "Rain".

I don't know whether or not I'll go back to writing fanfiction because I'm working on a trilogy. The first will have a similar plot to Break Me Down. But fanfiction has been in my blood for a very long time, so who knows. I might come back to it.



"24 Hours of Insanity" - (rated T) The morning after a night of merrymaking, Legolas wakes up with Merilin, but neither can remember what happened and she's too stubborn to admit she loves him. Then he spends the day trying to get her to confess. This is my first attempt at a romantic comedy. It's just pure silliness, with a bit of slapstick stuff. - COMPLETE

"Alien vs Elf 1, 2 & 3" - (Lord of the Rings/Alien crossover - rated M) What happens when the people of Middle Earth cross paths with one of the deadliest creatures in the Universe? After a long dormancy, an alien drone is awakened and unleashed to breed and cause havoc upon the peaceful lands of Middle Earth. With acid for blood that melts anything it touches, how will the people defeat these creatures using medieval methods? Follow Legolas in an adventure that spans light years…from Middle Earth to Gateway Station…from Mirkwood to Valinor…from familiar surroundings to far off worlds. His fight with the alien creatures leave him mentally scarred and searching for answers that eventually lead him on a rampage, pursued by those who care about him and those who don’t. - COMPLETE

"Anything But Ordinary" - (rated M) Legolas discovers an elf maid held against her will in a land of unknown customs. Finding himself unable to resist her, he faces feelings he can't explain and the serious consequences of his actions. - COMPLETE

"Destined to Reign" - (rated M) Legolas becomes the personal bodyguard to the Rhûn king’s young daughter and as the years pass he confronts serious complications. - COMPLETE


"Bug Hunters" - (rated M) An Aliens fanfiction. I hated that Hicks died in Alien 3, so I made him live in my fanfic. It's a little on the dark side, but that's the typical theme of the movies. Some of you Michael Biehn fans might recognize it from a site dedicated to the actor. - COMPLETE


"A Little Extra Fun" - (rated T) Cloud and Tifa fake a relationship to get a stalker off Cloud's back. But are they really faking? Just a short one shot, good on it's own. There may be a second chapter, but not in the immediate future. - COMPLETE

"Addiction" - (rated M) When Cloud meets Tessa, a whirlwind romance develops between them. But will the ghosts of his past prevent the happiness in his future? Cloud x OC - COMPLETE

"Break Me Down" - (rated M) When Rufus Shinra’s life is threatened, he hires Cloud to protect his halfsister in Icicle Village. But why does she hate him? - COMPLETE

"The Only Chance" - (rated M) A diary causes a bit of a disruption in Tifa's comfortable, carefully laid out plans, resulting in some purposeful and some not so purposeful temptation. - COMPLETE

"Whatever It Takes" - (rated T) Tifa reflects on the days when AVALANCHE chased after a madman threatening to destroy the planet while she internally fought for Cloud’s affection. And in the present, can she really live without him? Not the average game story. - COMPLETE


FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - Sorry to anyone that was interested in "In My System". This will unfortunately not be continued due to lack of interest on my part as I am currently working on a trilogy for publication.


The Rook trilogy (my original work):




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