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Favourite Couples

Buffy - Spuffy

Star Wars - Obi Wan/Padme a.k.a. obidala

Roswell - Tess/Max (Rebel)

Favourite Young Actress

1. Saoirse Ronan - Excellent Actress, talented as heck. For such a young age, she at times upstage the older actors, not many older ones has the talent she has (at least to me). Glad she doesn't live in the US to be in the Hollywood mess, she can stay true to herself.

2. Emilie de Ravin - Loved her in beastmaster. Then loved her in Roswell (but then writers made a mess of her character) Happy that she is successful with her new show Lost.

3. Dakota Fanning - Another great young actress, esp for her age.

4. Mia Wasikowska - Haven't seen her in much but I know that will change this year (2010), she is a great talent and another one to watch out for.

5. Michelle Williams - starting to like her.

Favourite Young Actor

1. Joseph Gordon Levitt - Awesome actor

2. Rupert Grint - Definately underrated, after HP I am sure he will get to shine

3. Not sure but I am liking the foreign actors like Nicholas Hoult, Tahar Rahim, Aaron Johnson e.t.c. The foreign young actors are more talented to me than that a lot of the young US ones.

Favourite TV Shows

1. Lost (nothing on tv is better than this show, it is so brilliant!) Emilie de Ravin and Josh Hollowayare my favourite actors on the show.

2. Leverage - Great Heist Show

3. Lincoln Heights (on abc family) - Good Show

Favourite Animes

1. One Piece!! - Nothing comes close to beating this for me

2. My-Hime - Great Anime - nice to see female leads kicking butt.

3. Air Gear - This was fun, sad that they didn't have more episodes.

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