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Polyfemus PM
Joined Sep '15

I write stuffs, mostly Fate.

I try to update on a monthly basis but sometimes IRL things get in the way, also I won't update until I am at least 99% satisfied with the chapter, no matter how much re-writes it takes.

Aside from that, I am just some random dude struggling with college, who also enjoys visual novels to the point my entire writing technique is basically inspired by them instead of regular books.


FATE/AZURE DESTINY DISCORD SERVER: Literally just created, join to talk about story stuffs and to read me complain about visual novels and maybe animu We are a merry band, also, I don't talk as much about VNs or animu as I wanted. Ah, but we talk about the implications of parallel worlds and different timelines. In other words, we are pretty normal.

Invite : discord. gg / kvRCbruzaT

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