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Name: Nick.

Birthday: January 20th, 1998.

What I Do: Read & Review, sometimes write.

About King of Kings: The title isn't just for show. It's not cheesy, it's meant to reference Jesus. Jesus was called the King of Kings, as well as King of the Jews. Well, Godzilla is King of the Monsters, so I figured I'd go and take Godzilla: King of the Monsters' Director Michael Dougherty's vision and make it even better by having the Titans be even closer to the Gods in mythologies that we know than simple names.

Plans: Finishing Godzilla: King of Kings before working on the prequels and sequel. In the interim I will be writing a story in the Amazing Spider-Man universe. Then other possible stories.

Godzilla: Ascension. An Origin Story told from Godzilla's POV from his birth, youth, adulthood, and encompassing his life before the events of the Godzilla: Awakening graphic novel. Will reference and expand upon scenes in King of Kings.

Untitled Prequel 2. A Godzilla 2014 rewrite that expands upon the original and at the same time changes certain events to fit my narratives as well as fit in with the rest of the MonsterVerse and my stories better. Will reference and set up events in both King of Kings and Prequel 1.

Godzilla: Titanomachy. Sequel to Godzilla: King of Kings. Cant say much, will spoil events in King of Kings. But it will be a lot more fun and less heavy than King of Kings.

Godzilla vs Gamera Crossover story. Titled "Showdown: Godzilla vs Gamera!" In Early Planning stages. Set in the 90's during the Heisei Era of Godzilla and Gamera, directly after Gamera heads off to fight the Gyaos swarm in Gamera 3. Godzilla Junior will return, replacing Godzilla.

Supernatural meets Lucifer Crossover. In Early Planning Stages. "Team Free Will(Sam, Dean, Cas, and Baby) after a high stakes mission to kill Chuck has gone horribly wrong, finds themselves thrust into a seemingly normal parallel Earth, scour the web for clues on how to get back, and uncover strange happenings in the City of Angels. Traveling to Los Angeles to investigate, they encounter none other than Lucifer. What has caused this impossible merging?" Stay tuned to find out.

Possible AVP Story. In Early Planning Stage. Will be based on the AVP 2010 game on BG-386, will contain "lemons" that aren't too sexy, more disturbing as is befitting something from this universe. I plan to make HR Giger proud. Sex will be very sparse and not at all gratuitous. Story first, sick twisted fantasy sex second. No bad tags either, just very unconventional and borderline scary.

Possible Resident Evil story. In Conceptualization Stage.

More about me?

Sexuality: Bisexual. I like effeminate guys a lot.

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmigiana with Linguine tossed in one of three sauces(Pesto, Alfredo, Arrabiata).

Favorite Beverage: Water. Milkshakes for sweet.

Favorite dessert: Peppermint Candy Cane Ice Cream at Xmas time.

Favorite Car: Tie between 1958 Plymouth Fury and 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

Favorite TV Series: Tie between Lucifer and Supernatural.

Favorite Movie: The Book of Eli.

Favorite Book Series: The Loch by Steve Alten.

Favorite Music: Impossible to say, but, my favorite music group is Alice In Chains.

Favorite Franchise: Godzilla, of course!

Favorite Sport and Team: Football and the Baltimore Ravens. Proud #RavensFlock since 2008!

Political Affiliation: Independent. Not a fan of politics.

Among other things, I am a huge science fiction fan, mainly creature features. I like Videogames, a big Resident Evil and Pokémon fan. Big Aliens/Predator fan. I like a lot of things! But these are my main series.

UPDATE: (1-03-22) I'm sorry for the lack of updates to Godzilla: King of Kings. Aside from serious problems in my personal life getting in the way of my writing, I wanted to watch Godzilla vs Kong before I decided what I wanted to do next fully, so as to not accidentally plagiarize. This is my version of the MonserVerse post King of the Monsters' End Credits, after all. I'm currently in the middle of rewriting earlier chapters and planning out the rest of the story, Chapter 8 is in progress now that I have a clearer image of what I'm doing than I had before. I still have a ways to go for planning out the whole rest before I can return in full force but when I do, my readers will be in for a treat! Good things in store, stay tuned! I have not abandoned the story! It just might take a while!

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