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To the many people who follow me and my stories. I have been experiencing worsening health issues with my eyes (which also has led me to some bouts of depression) that make reading and writing difficult, not to mention work as well. I still plan to continue WSOW. It will simply take even longer. I thank everyone for their support.


Finish WSOSW (roughly another 500k)

With Strength of Steel Wings: In Progress

This story covers Harry's time before Hogwarts, and is now in his fourth year. It will not contain slash pairings. Permanent pairings will be posted as they develop. This story has an entire outline developed from start to finish (yes, I know how it all ends), and I can guarantee barring acts of God that it will be completed. That being said, its updates are large and infrequent (see my hectic schedule below).

Here is the forum for this story:


A Guide to Harry's Runes is also found there, and class schedules.

Blindness: Complete

This story was inspired by my own very brief bout of blindness (surgery gone wrong) and first written using the talk-to-text feature on my phone (a process I do NOT recommend. Which witch anyone?) It was meant to be a brief, 20k story exploring a blind-boy-who-lived. Instead, its taken on both a coauthor (the wonderful GJMEGA) and a life of its own. Its currently finished, but may have future snippets that take place inside its universe published at some point.

Many thanks to my betas jdh41 and GJMEGA for their wonderful help making my stories much better than they ever could have been without them.

Reviews make the world turn faster: therefore, updates happen sooner! Win-Win.

I am a busy person. If you have kids, you know what I mean. Mine is 6 years old now. From dawn to dusk this whirlwind is going. In my free time, chores have to be done. I work, and so does my husband. My job is very demanding 9 months out of the year, especially April-June and August through October, where I tend to work 80 hour weeks. This will lead to sporadic updates. However, encouragement in the form of reviews will make things go faster. I like to please. (Also, I am vulnerable to guilt trips)

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