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I love romance and action, mostly when they are mixed together. And my future wish is to see the wonders of the world one day I like to wach anime such as One Piece and Monster Musume.I cant wait for winter because I can do a lot of fun activities with my best friend megan. I live in canada, my name is Jacques the Demon Slayer and i am ath least 19 years old, and i am crazy about romance

My favorite author is F-ckthesystem125

My favorite kind of fanfic are ones with comedy, a harem, adventure and romance

I always try to find a pairing when i read in anime of manga;

my favorite pairings right now are:

Gajeel and Levy

Edolas Gajeel and Levy

Hancock and Luffy

18 and Krillin

Naruto and Hinata

lockwood and sam

Sora and kairy

Ash and Misty

Hiccup and Astrid

And just recently

Liz and Death the Kid

Dipper and Pacifica

My favorite anime anime are


One piece

Soul eater

Monster musume

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