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So I figure something should at least be on here.

I've been reading here since a few months before I made an account. My sister initially got me into fanfiction.net but reading has always been a passion for me.

Age 21

Gender: Male

Likes: Light Novels, Xianxia, Anime, Manga, Books, Magic: The Gathering, Video Games

Favorites: High School DxD, Code Geass Naruto, Harry Potter, Bleach, The Gamer, Worm, Campione!, League of Legends, Tower of God

Me shamelessly nagging on Fanfiction

Grammar in stories - Its one of the most overlooked components of writing and yet the most essential. I feel that in order for anything to actually catch your someone's interest it has to first be readable. I've opened up tabs of fiction that actually caught my interest but were hell on my eyes and thus ended up being dropped.

Rewriting - While It's good in theory...far too often writers start doing this within the first few chapters of a story and then they kill their motivation by being hyper-critical of themselves. If your gonna rewrite then do it farther into your fiction... as then you'll have explored ideas and possibly gotten feedback.

Canon Obsession - So there are quite a bit of people who when reading a fiction get upset for characters being different and reacting accordingly. I'm of the opinion that if everyone was exactly in character i.e par canon then everything would be the same...no changes whatsoever...part of what makes fanfiction interesting to readers is that theres a slight deviation(or even a major) in characters...because characters are what drives stories right? I mean one of my favorite stories starts off with Harry deciding that he needs to train more after Voldemort is a bit more proactive in his desire to see him dead. Off this one change the world gets a chance to expand species wise and even more interestingly(to me anyways) we get to see some cool magic. Fanfiction is about exploring ideas in the open sandbox that authors leave behind if we kept everything in canon then why bother?

One-shots - So yeah something non-negative. Was just browsing for something tor read and saw some fics that were pretty long and I didn't feel like reading it for what the premise was and it occurred to me I'd have read it if it was shorter. On that note...its quite amazing what some writers can accomplish with so little words...most of the time they affect me more than much longer works. Maybe its just me but sometimes I feel one-shot characters are more fleshed out.

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