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hiii it's lovelaughlivecry here so as any writer I'm going to tell u about myself with some questions i get

Name-Just call me love

fave color-purple not pink pink is the worst in my opinion

fave story maker on fan fiction-Soniclover23,and Pyromaniac Wolf

do u role play -sometimes

fave movie- Twilight

fave book- same as the movie

gender-well look at my name I'm a girl not trying to be rude at all

fave genres- romance drama

no children

Are u in school-yes

why is your name lovelaughlivecry - well thats what humans do :P

how many siblings-2 but with steps there r 7 of us

r u dating anyone- no #lonly4life and I'm okay with that ;)

i'm an anime girl so fave anime- fairy tail, vampire knight, rwby, Ouran host club, Nana, Naruto

okay so that's alittle about me so byeeeeeeeee

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