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Name: I couldn’t tell. But for a while people called me Coach for no reason and the ones at the computer shop once called me Vorkov

Date of Birth: Seriously?

Country: Look at the FLAG!

About my Stories:

Resting Place:

Placed in indefinite hold until I can remember what it felt like that gave me the emotion to write this story.

The Sword of Zero:

Still ongoing folks! I am a very avid Megaman fan but not much to Zero no Tsukaima. It must be the challenges that made me write this. Anyway, I have a very thorough plot in this story that WILL throw the original plot out the window. By the way, the true plot it isn’t centered the main ones. Well, not entirely. People always play the Zero no Tsukaima story, if you were expecting a linear story that goes 'By the Book' then I'm telling you, You'll be disappointed

As of July 14, 2013 Chapter 07 is still at the planning stages. Will finally type it after typing the other story chapter.

L'Effetto Magico:

As of August 21, 2013:

The next Chapter is at 1,421 words now. Have to rewrite based on errors that Hieronym pointed to me.

Sleeping December , Ayumu’s Random Train of Thought and Digitally Wired:

Fatal Problem! My dad had accidentally burned the entire manuscript years ago. That’s why I couldn’t write any additional chapters. They are all in the same notebook unfortunately.

=A Gamer without Games=


To the Stars:

This is the very thing that I've been looking for for many, many years! A story so different from the others that perfectly melded the Fantasy and Sci-Fi settings that so many of the typical Literature and online stories lacked! Mind you this is only limited to literature and not webcomics, comics, anime and manga.

=A Gamer without Games=


Mass Effect

Haven't played Mass Effect 2 & 3 since my PC couldn't handle them but the story and game play is awesome


Good old hack and slash with an added gore to the mix

Command and Conquer games (Especially CnC3 & KN)

Just WOW!

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