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Most Important: I am a reader first and foremost and therefore not interesting. However, if you are interested in the same fandoms I am and don't mind a little slash added to the mix, then feel free to look at my favorites and try to find some authors who ARE interesting.

IMPORTANT - Please Forgive reviews that offend you or have seemingly no purpose but to comment what's on my mind. I tend to get emotional, so beware.

Things that are optional to know about me:

I am asexual.

I am a BL fangirl.

I like badass female main characters that aren't focused on romance.

I like unique plots.

I adore light novels.

My favorite colors are: Silver, Blue, Orange and Yellow.

I prefer OC's over SI's simply because I prefer a character who does not have to agonize over whether or not they should change the plot.

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