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330 The Demigod ninja of Olympus: book 1 » by shadow12 What if Naruto was kidnapped from the village, and was left to die? What if Yahiko and Konan had found him, and adopted him? What if he had to kill Yahiko instead of Nagato? What if...they were taken to a new world? No this is not a yaoi pairing this will be a harem fic. End of Ch. 16 edited!
Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 19, words: 145k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 11/26/2022 published: 7/21/2012, Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama, Thalia G.
4k+ Dragonslayer » by KitsuneDragon He said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Because of him I lived, I learned, and I finally found someone I could call nakama. Even if he didn't call me the same. I am his son, I am his student...The Dragonslayer of Acnologia.
Naruto & Fairy Tail, T, English, chapters: 67, words: 1110k+, favs: 6k+, follows: 6k+, updated: 4/13/2022 published: 5/8/2012, Naruto U., Ultear M.
512The Gift of Sight » by DarqueDeath4444 Morino Ibiki is recognized if not by his name, then by his face. His scars disturb many and children run at the sight, so when he meets a pink haired girl he doesn't know what to do with her, especially when she takes an instant liking to him. Maybe it's because she is of a clan that gave up sight for chakra vision, but sometimes, only those who cannot see can truly understand.
Naruto, T, English, chapters: 5, words: 15k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 5/25/2020 published: 10/1/2015, Sakura H., Neji H., Ibiki M., Team Seven
289 Tsuna the Phoenix Slayer » by espeon771 Tsuna awakens in a field in the middle of no where in a completely new world thanks to Byakuran and Yuni. Now Tsuna must make a new life for himself. Not the best summary but give it a try. Main pairing will be Tsuna x Natsu, you have been warned.
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! & Fairy Tail, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 36, words: 114k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 5/23/2019 published: 11/8/2016, [Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S., Natsu D.]
2k+Naruto of Chaos » by jean010 A man that searches for redemption. A child who's family neglects him. A change in fate that will shock the Elemental Nations to the core. This is the tale of two people that will change everything, one as a teacher and the other one as a student. NarutoxHarem. Neglected!Naruto. Strong!Naruto. Fem!Sasuke. Crossover with Fairy Tail. Other minor Crossovers
Naruto, M, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 40, words: 349k+, favs: 5k+, follows: 5k+, updated: 11/16/2018 published: 8/12/2014, Naruto U., Sasuke U., Fū, Naruko U.
1k+Turning Point » by 27x18 Lost in Italy a five year old Tsuna ends up in the care of the Varia's commander, Xanxus. It was the turning point in their lives and set their fates on a new path. Having now moved to Japan to tutor the small Sky child their lives have both been changed forever. Hopefully for the better. Fem27 Brotherly!Xanxus. Majorly fluffy. BEWARE THE FLUFF!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, T, English, Family, chapters: 21, words: 181k+, favs: 4k+, follows: 4k+, updated: 6/3/2018 published: 10/22/2015, Squalo S., Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S., Xanxus, Varia
717Cielo Perduto » by 27x18 Tsuna is betrayed and abandoned by her closest friends and the people she had once called her Guardians. Tsuna finds herself now surrounded by the most dangerous people on the planet for support while she begins the search for new Guardians, and friends. AllxFem!27
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, T, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 25, words: 120k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 6/3/2018 published: 8/28/2015, Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S.
1k+What If » by Fyreheart This is a series of one-shot stories and miscellaneous scenes about what if Harry had responded differently to key events in his life.
Harry Potter, K+, English, chapters: 14, words: 47k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 8/21/2017 published: 5/25/2015, Harry P.
588Sakamaki Sister » by ER0R Another member of the Sakamaki family suddenly appears; Subaru's younger sister, also, the only female out of the now seven siblings. True, that all six of her brothers and Yui thinks of her as a soft-spoken vampire, but is that really it? Without knowing it, Aria brings herself and her seven companions into a mess of things that none of them expected and perhaps can't even handle.
Diabolik Lovers : Haunted Dark Bridal, M, English, Romance, chapters: 94, words: 104k+, favs: 306, follows: 272, updated: 6/13/2017 published: 10/21/2013
65 A Choice » by Arixu Yui and Yuki have arrived at the Sakamaki household. They meet six brothers: Shu, Reiji, Laito, Kanato, Ayato, and Subaru. Within Yui's or Yuki's body, one of them has "her" heart while the other does not. This choice will determine who will be the bride and who will be the sacrifice.
Diabolik Lovers : Haunted Dark Bridal, T, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 32, words: 58k+, favs: 123, follows: 107, updated: 6/4/2017 published: 11/19/2013, [OC, Shuu] [Yui, Reiji]
80The Konoha Negelected Duo » by 11mrp11 Marx Uchiha and Naruto Namikaze are both hated and neglected by the village and their family. Marx because he has different views, eyes, and personality. The village dislike Marx because he is the scape goat of the Uchiha. It only gets worse when he befriends Naruto. Naruto is hated because he houses the soul of the Kyuubi. His parents neglect him for his sister. OOC AND OC Fem Kyu
Naruto, T, English, chapters: 11, words: 30k+, favs: 383, follows: 396, updated: 5/28/2017 published: 11/16/2014, [Kyuubi/Kurama, Naruto U.] [OC, Anko M.]
261 Unexpected Ally » by IruMinO Humankind is in the brink of extinction and what left of them is protected by the walls, it's impossible for human to live outside the walls and survive, or so they thought. However, the appearance of men jumping from gigantic birds, really change that thought. Rated for swearing, cussing, and future gore. Pre-cannon and going AU from there. REWRITTEN to "Re: Unexpected Ally"
Naruto & Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 8, words: 23k+, favs: 842, follows: 941, updated: 5/8/2017 published: 5/25/2014, Naruto U., Erwin S.
261 Harry Stark » by Winter Soldiers Consort Suck at summaries. Harry's brother is thought to be BWL but its actually Harry. Harry is neglected and bullied and decides to run away, he ends up getting adopted by Tony Stark after saving his life and being permanently crippled while doing so. Bad!Potters, Bad!Dumbledore, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Good!Remus, Genius!Harry, WBWL, aiming for slash in later chapters still unsure.
Harry Potter & Avengers, M, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, chapters: 6, words: 15k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 3/22/2017 published: 6/3/2016, Harry P., Iron Man/Tony S., Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
227 Death's Heir » by Legendary-Nioh Rewrite eventually
Naruto & Soul Eater, M, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 5, words: 39k+, favs: 890, follows: 830, updated: 8/5/2016 published: 5/12/2013, Naruto U., Mabaa, Mizune, Tsubaki N.
464 Naruto Rise of the Ryukage, and the Omnigan » by Gold Testament What happens when Naruto is banished for the Success of the first Sasuke Retrieval Mission, and gains a new bloodline no one's ever heard of before also a new contract. Rated M for cursing, possible sadism, and sexual themes. People under 17 are warned...
Naruto, M, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 20, words: 46k+, favs: 2k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 7/13/2016 published: 5/5/2011, Naruto U., Yugito N.
1k+ Finding Nakama » by 8XxAnimexX8 Not your average runaway story. Lucy's hurt and alone, but that's not enough to stop her from becoming better, stronger. Run-ins with her nakama of the past and making new ones, her two worlds collides, with a little romance no doubt. OCs, NaLu, Sticy, and dragons...Lucy finds herself with a lot more on her plate than she asked for.
Fairy Tail, T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 111, words: 221k+, favs: 708, follows: 648, updated: 5/27/2016 published: 6/27/2013, Lucy H.
779Kumo's Child of Prophecy » by maddy.ff89 Naruto, Only child of the Minato and Kushina among the triplets who is unable to use chakra. Only to be used as a scapegoat to the Kyuubi's attack then married to Fourth Raikage in a political marriage to prevent a war.Will she be able to unlock her chakra and find the love and acceptance that she always wanted?Godlike,Neglected,Sharingan,Wood,Rinnegan Naruto,Alive Minato,Kushina
Naruto, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 15, words: 91k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 3/22/2016 published: 1/13/2015, [Naruko U., A/Fourth Raikage]
329Characters Watch the Adventures-HTTYD » by Spyrite Vesta Hiccup was just trying to get ready for her final exam, when suddenly she and all of Berk are transported to a mysterious place so that they can watch all of her interactions with Toothless! Odin's Beard, what has she gotten herself into! Fem!Hiccup Human!Toothless Watching the movie fic
How to Train Your Dragon, T, English, Humor & Fantasy, chapters: 8, words: 30k+, favs: 848, follows: 793, updated: 2/21/2016 published: 8/31/2014, [Hiccup, Toothless]
6New Life » by darkstar2010 Sakura and her family move from the lead village to the Sand village. The reason behind this move was because of her leaf village team that she was on. (I am bad a summary, just check out the story please. ) Rating might Change.
Naruto, T, English, chapters: 10, words: 13k+, favs: 19, follows: 25, updated: 1/8/2016 published: 11/3/2013, Sakura H., Gaara
213Itachi Taichou » by Sakura478 After being promoted the ANBU, seventeen-year old Sakura Haruno is living the dream. The only bad thing is she has to leave her team and be put on an ANBU squad. Squad one to be exact. And her captain is the infamous Itachi Uchiha, a prodigy and her teamates older brother. Itasaku. Non-massacre.
Naruto, T, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 17, words: 48k+, favs: 350, follows: 420, updated: 12/27/2015 published: 6/1/2012, Sakura H., Itachi U.
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