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Finally decided to put up a little bit about me...I'm a her, married to my soul-mate, born before we walked on the moon and I love to read and write fan fiction. I'm more about happy endings and fluff. If you've read any of my fics you already know that. I do read angsty fic, but if it's too hard core misery I'll usually bypass. Slash? Not so much. I certainly would never condemn it, but I just can't get into it.

I am constantly amazed by the caliber of writers here. And constantly inspired to do more, to do better. I find myself comparing my work to some of my favs, you know who you are 8-), and generally come up lacking. But it just makes me want to try harder.

I'm into the usual pairings I suppose.

I started with 'Buffy'fics, which for me always means Buffy and Angel. I really adored Spike, but to me Buffy and Angel were soul-mates. Although, I must admit I love a good Buffy/ Angelus fic. ;-) I'm absolutely stymied with a Buffy/ Angel story I've been working on, but someday I will finish it...

Next, I segued into 'Firefly', you gotta love that Josh Whedon. And I just really liked the idea of a Jayne/ River pairing.

I wrote one 'Grey's Anatomy'fic with Callie and Sloan, I always thought they were so hot together. But I don't watch that show anymore, so...

I just loved Sylar on 'Heroes', I know, he's a psycho serial killer, but really didn't Noah and Elle just lead him down that path? Anyhoo, love him and I just love him with Claire. Right, again I know, she's so young...but it is fiction...so I had to write them a happy ending.

Finally, 'Sarah Connor Terminator Chronicals' caught my eye and the couple I just loved the idea of was Derek and Cameron. There's some fabulous fic on these two, not much but what's out there is great.

At the moment I'm totally obsessed with the 'Star Trek 2009 movie'. Spock and Nyota to be precise. I've about four stories in the works and am in the final stages of my current fic. Have to admit, I click the little buttons that take me Spock and Uhura, so I'm woefully unread in other pairings...sorry

Regarding my latest fic, 'The Road Taken'...I got totally stuck on this story. When I first uploaded this one I had it completed, however as I re-read it I started to re-write the darn thing. I became absolutely unhappy with the direction of it and to be honest lost my direction. I'm at the point with this one that I don't think I'll ever get it right, thusly I've taken it down. Maybe someday I'll open this up again and re-post, but as of today I am so dissatisfied with it that it's gone.

I write because I have to, which I tend to believe most do, and am humbled and awed that anyone would read, let alone comment on my work. Thanks to those of you who do read and review. And to those of you who just add me to their alerts and favorites. You all add so much more to my day! ;-)

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