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9/17/21: NOTICE TO ALL OF MY READERS: With the completion of my latest story "The Potioneer's Assistant Rebrewed," I wish to let everyone know that I am no longer posting to this site. The continuing problems that the site owner and tech team have with the system and their inability to attend to them in a timely manner has caused me to reach my breaking point. I will NOT be removing anything so you don't have to scramble to download anything. I have to face facts that FFN is beyond effective repair and is approaching the end. I will still post and respond to messages on Ao3 so go there if you need to contact me.

UPDATE: Author Janned14 has taken it upon themselves (with my permission) to translate both the original Potioneer's Assistant and the Rebrewed version into French! You can follow them here: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/12034612/Janned14

UPDATE: As of today (5/11/2021), I am no longer a member of the Facebook group Harmony & Co (18). They've become too elitist and 'snowflakey' in such that one of their members managed to cause RobSt such grief that he's left them as well. I can only hope that he will continue to write and publish and not let the small-minded and short-sighted fools to anger him anymore. RobSt, if you are reading this, I stand behind you! That member was WAY out of line and should've sent you a PM with their question about the motivation you had for Ron's punishment in that story.

An author by the name of Oadrianrey has taken it upon themselves to resurrect my Economic Series. I did NOT give permission for them to repost this but they have given credit due to me so I will let it go (for now.) There is no need to send me a PM telling me about this situation.

As of 11/7/2020, I have created an Ao3 account. I'm using the same screen name there as I am here so it should be easy for y'all to find me again. That site will now be my primary account until (or unless) this site gets off it's ass and fixes its problems. Updates may be slower here but I have never nor will I ever abandon a story!

Work in Progress:

Just An Errant Thought:This will be where I place my one shots.

'The Chamber of Contemplative Musings' This is where all my plot bunnies go to dance. (I plan on closing this out eventually.)

NOTICE: The Economic Power He Knows Not (Years 1-4): DELETED Go to "Enchanting the Bookworm" on Facebook if you want to download an archived copy.

This series was deleted because I felt they were overly cliched and poorly written. The Harry in this story was a classic Gary Stu and not in keeping with my current storytelling abilities. If you still want to read it (why is beyond me), go to 'Enchanting the Bookworm' on Facebook to learn how to download your own copy.

My Completed Stories: Stories listed in descending order of publishing:

The Potioneer's Assistant

9/15/2017 Complete. Follow Harry as he gets some early magical training from two of his primary school teachers (his Primary Three teacher 'Belinda Honeybloom' is a muggleborn and his Primary Five teacher, 'Robert Cody' is a Squib) who introduce him to the joy of Herbology, Potions, Runes, Arithmancy, Charms and the burgeoning world of computers. The journal they create operates like a modern tablet and utilizes a MSExcel database management system and is laid out in book format. Harry's primary antagonist will be (as usual) Albus Dumbledore who has his own vision for Harry's future. Severus Snape is a mentor and Hermione Granger is just a friend at this point (Year 1.)

Sight and Sound

1/2/2018 Complete: Ever wonder why Luna Lovegood always seems a bit... spaced out? She's a natural Magesight and can also Hear the Songs played by the Strings of Magic. In this story, we will follow Luna as she enters Hogwarts armed with two goals in life: 1) To bring music and art back within its walls; 2) To create a cryptomagizoological version of the famous Chocolate Frog Card Collection series; as well as make friends and turn what is generally assumed to be impossible on its head. How will Hogwarts and her students react when Luna shows up with a Phoenix as a familiar?

Crafting Magic

5/02/2019 Complete: Magic is more than just waving a stick and saying fancy words. Magic is about life and art. Magic is about the people one chooses to interact with. An artistic Harry Potter decides to live up to his last name and begins to craft some wonderful pottery and ceramic creations. At age 11, he discovers that not only is his work magical but so is he!

There Will Be No Foolish Wand Waving Book 1

12/3/2018 Complete: Petunia Evans always wanted to be just like Lily. The thought of learning magic would make her giddy with excitement. But as it turned out, the rejection letter from the headmaster of Hogwarts blew that dream out the window. What would've happened if the wife of the bookstore owner of Flourish and Blott's had taken a bit of pity and shown her that you didn't need a wand to do magic? How might have the First Wizarding War turned out then?

There Will Be No Foolish Wand Waving: Book 2

11/29/2019 Complete: (PICKS UP ON THE NEXT CHAPTER AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF BOOK 1)This is the story of what happened during the ten years between the end of the First Blood War and when Harry starts his first year at Hogwarts. He'll meet new people including a certain bushy-haired 'know-it-all.' There will be intrigue and mystery as well as heartwarming interactions between Harry and his parents. Includes what happened to Dumbledore after he escaped from the Ministry prison transfer and a Potter Family trip to Disneyland!

Ravenclaw's Computer

4/2/2020 Complete: Harry's discovered the legendary Ravenclaw Diadem in the Room of Requirement and has come to the startling conclusion that it's actually a 10th century magical version of a computer/pensieve. The problem is, it's corrupted by Voldemort's Horcrux. How can he and Hermione Granger get rid of the Horcrux while maintaining the beauty of such a ancient treasure?

It's Not Just A Stick: A Wand Crafter's Story (Year 1)

10/4/2020 Complete: Harry Potter was introduced to 'magic' and magic wands earlier than canon by his primary schoolteacher Miss Honeybloom. It was also during that class, he was introduced to and became lifelong friends with a certain Miss Hermione Granger. Armed with a burgeoning knowledge of magical wandcrafting, an inquisitive best friend and a supportive aunt, uncle and cousin; Harry is ready to take Hogwarts by storm.

'A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic'

2/2/2021 Complete: 'Food has a magical quality of its own,' so Harry thought as he began making a very special dish for the girl he loved. This is the story of how Harry learned magic is real and that hearts and minds can be adjusted for the better by serving the perfect dish.

'The Potioneer's Assistant Rebrewed'

9/13/21 Complete: An updated and improved brew of the original 2017 publishing of The Potioneer's Assistant. While the story is a bit different, the friendships are the same as are the conflicts in the Destiny of one Harry James Potter. AD/RW/DM bash, Mentor Severus Snape, Good Dursleys. Mundane computer science is mixed with ancient magic to create a cauldron full of adventure and friendship!

About Me:

Where to begin? First off, I LOVE the Harry Potter series and some of the fan fiction spinoffs. I'm also a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and the 1970's TV show M*A*S*H*.

I also am a FIRM believer in Harry/Hermione stories with the occasional add-on of either Daphne or Luna. The canon pairings just make absolutely no sense to me. Ginny is a fan-girl who doesn't deserve Harry while Hermione fought alongside him every step of the way to ensure the future of the Light. In Book 7 right before Harry leaves to go hunt the Horcruxes, Ginny gave up too easily in their conversation to follow him whereas Hermione bravely and resolutely lead and helped immeasurably.

Nearly all of my Harry Potter stories will have him sorted into Hufflepuff as I feel that house doesn't get nearly enough screen time as it should. That house covers nearly all the traits of the other three houses, it just doesn't rub in anyone's face. I'm also a virulent anti-Ron Weasley and anti-Albus Dumbledore writer with the occasional Molly Weasley and Draco Malfoy basher. Ron is a fair-weather friend who just rubs me the wrong way in his laziness and jealousy of other people's accomplishments yet doesn't want to put in the effort to achieve his own goals. Dumbledore is a manipulative bastard who will indirectly cause pain, suffering or death in order to achieve his vision of the way the world ought to be. Molly is an overbearing harpy of a mother who thinks the world needs her opinion, wanted or not. Draco is a whiny, self-entitled little snot who needs to have the harsh reality that daddy's money doesn't always get what you want.

Why am I a fervent basher of Albus Dumbledore? The man does NOT deserve any respect. Albus Dumbledore may have been the so-called 'Leader of the Light' but he actually fostered discord and conflict rather than unity. He was the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and the Supreme Mugwump of the ICW. He had enormous influence but what did he actually DO with that influence? He sat back and let the extremist bigots do whatever they wanted. He could've made Muggle Studies compulsory and taught by a qualified and compentent teacher, and tried to bring about change through education. He could've had a similar compulsory introduction to Wizarding culture for the muggleborn/raised children to the magical world, teaching them the customs and traditions.

Instead, the Muggle Studies class was a joke to the magically-raised and the muggleborn kids were left to sink or swim on their own. They weren't given any help in integrating into this new world or even taught the basics such as how to write with a quill! The muggleborn kids would've been offending the magically-raised every time they opened their mouths, not intentionally mind you but because Albus Dumbledore never made an effort to ensure that they were taught Wizarding ways. This was all to bring about a generational conflict that would allow Albus to guide the world into becoming the way he wanted it to be for the Greater Good.

One thing I want to make very clear to all my readers and to those who I leave reviews to: I'm a stickler for proper spelling and grammar rules and regulations. If you're from an English-speaking country, there's NO EXCUSE for not knowing the rules! Take a class, read a textbook on spelling and grammar but DO SOMETHING! Groupings of "there, their and they're", "where and were" and "too and to" are my three biggest peeves. Another peeve of mine is the improper usage of punctuation. I've seen stories where a period is used when it should've been a question or exclamation mark.

I'm including a listing of abbreviations and a glossary of sorts to help those who get confused as I do with some of those Summary Tags such as EWE, OOC, etc. Not inclusive or complete!

AU: An abbreviation for an "Alternate Universe." Stories include Harry's parents still alive or Hermione Granger being a boy.

Bashing: A story that puts down, says derogatory things about or emphasizes the negative traits of a character or a group of characters.

BWL: Stands for 'Boy-Who-Lived.' It can refers to any male though it's usually Harry. If another boy is used, the story is AU in nature.

Canon: The original story as written by Rowling.

Crack (fic): A story so ridiculous or random that implies that it was written while the author was under the influence of drugs.

Crossovers: Two or more fandoms that are used to create a single story. Example: Harry Potter and Stargate SG-1.

Dark: Stories that explore the darker side of life. May include topics of rape, abuse, death or war. Characters may also literally join the dark side. Harry gets fed up or starts off on Voldemort's side and becomes a Death Eater.

Drabble: Short fan fiction of debatable length. Usually accepted to be about 100 words but can vary from as little as 50 words to upwards of 500 words and doesn't have a real plot.

EWE: Stands for "Epilogue? What Epilogue?" The story's ending is AU from canon and is usually written by the author's vision of "what happened next?"

Fanon: Refers to a common fact, plot or character element that is not mentioned in Rowling's books, the movies or by Rowling herself but is still generally accepted as facts by the fans. Examples include: Dreamless Sleep Potions are addictive or the Dursley's were physically abusive towards Harry while growing up.

Femslash: Lesbian relationships between female characters. Examples: Hermione/Luna or Parvati/Lavender.

Fluff: These stories tend to lack a plot and are cute and romantic in nature. There is generally no angst in these stories and usually prone to "happily ever after."

GWL: Stands for 'Girl-Who-Lived." Female version of stories about Harry.

Het: Heterosexual stories. The usual male/female pairings.

IC: Stands for "In Character." The character acts like they would in canon. Opposite to "OOC."

Lemon: scenes written that are very rude or sexual in nature. Sometimes age appropriate but not always.

Mary Sue/Gary Stu: A term used to describe a completely unrealistic original character. They are known to be the prettiest, smartest, most powerful, richest without any effort at all. All situations they are in eventually work out in their favor.

MPreg: Stands for 'Male Pregnancy.' Stories usually (but not always) include a slash pairing 'Male/Male' and are AU.

OC (aka OFC or OMC): An Original Character as written by the author that doesn't conform to canon. OFC is for females, OMC is for males.

OOC: Stands for 'Out Of Character.' Compare with 'IC.' Examples: A sweet and caring Dolores Umbridge or a sympathetic Draco Malfoy.

OTP: Stands for "One True Pairing." Couples are perfect for each other in just about every way possible. Examples: 'Harry/Hermione' or 'Draco/Pansy.'

Pairings: Refers to the main romantic relationship. They can be het, slash, femslash or any combination of such. Pairings are identified by a slash mark '/' between the names of the characters. Example: 'Neville/Luna' or a combination of the character's names, such as 'Drarry' (Draco/Harry).

Plot Bunnies: Short segments of a story idea that bounce and hops around in an author's mind. Written similar to a Drabble and used to flesh out an idea or topic. Author will sometimes use this method to query readers as to its feasibility.

PWP: Stands for "Plot? What Plot?" Ties in closely with Drabbles or Crack Fics. Stories have no plot and make you wonder about the author's sanity. Usually written about smut topics.

Slash: Homosexual based stories. Similar to 'Femslash' except that these are just Male/Male stories. Examples: 'Harry/Draco' or 'Harry/Severus Snape.' The dominant male is usually listed first. If there is no dominant male then the names are listed alphabetically.

Self Insert (SI): The author writes themselves into the story line. Most stories are AU although there are that follow canon and the SI is in the background as a narrator.

Smut: Stories that use sex as their main plot point. This site will actively remove stories that contain large amounts of smut if they are reported to the administrators!

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