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ATTENTION: I've put off writing at the moment to get better at my art. I am NOT discontinuing ANY of my stories. I DO have the new Rescuing Darkness and The Last Hope chapters written. I just need to finish typing and spellchecking them.

On the other hand, I am doing commissions at the moment, and I would be happy to draw HP fanart for you. In fact, getting commissions from fellow HPLV lovers will encourage me to write faster. So just click on my website URL to see info about my prices and some of my other pieces.

Well I like harry potter fics. I dislike Dumbledore (I choose to ignore HBP most of the time) and I love DARK!Harry. My OTP is LV/HP.

Right now I'm working on:

The Last Hope Chapter 8 is up
Serpentine Incident Chapter 6 up
Rescuing Darkness Chapter 17 is up

I have issues when it comes to writing most of this stuff is just crap that explodes from my brain. So patience is recommended when reading my fics.

Other than LVHP my fav pairings are:
Fenrir/Harry- I am so into them now that I am writing my own FGHP fic, but I don't see many. If you share my interest could you write one. I'll get around to making a challenge soon.
Draco/Neville - they're just cute together
Sirius/Harry -mpreg-spirit writes great SBHP fics
Draco/Hermione- curtesy of my friend Laura May

My least favorite:
Harry/Ginny- cant stand 'em
Voldemort/Lucius- unless Harry is added in the mix (weird I know) or its really good
Voldemort/Severus- sometimes I like them sometimes I don't
Severus/Harry- way too many out there
Harry/Draco- once again too overdone
Bellatrix/Anyone- she gives me the creeps
Peter/Anyone - eww

I like Severitus fics and when Voldemort is Harry's mentor/father. I'm starting to get into the abusive Lily and James fics where Harry is neglected and no one knows how powerful he really is. My favorites are:
Darkly Treacherous by xxlostdreamerxz
A Change in History by Kinda-Mayvelle
My Life by DebsTheSnapeFan
My Brother's Love by DebsTheSnapeFan

I'm actually thinking of writing my own I have an entire layout written but I wanted get farther ahead in Serpentine Incident first.

I have a forum that talks about Harry Voldemort pairings : All things HarryVoldemort
And here's a forum I like. It also talks about Harry and Voldemort: Voldemort Harry Slash !

I live in Miami, FL, yet I hate the beach. I like cookies and cream ice cream. I like to draw and write a lot, and instead of ever doing my homework I fool around on the computer. Thank you For Reading.

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