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Hello there, my name is Toki and I'm a socially awkward little boy. I'm fourteen years old and I've watched sixteen animes. I don't really consider myself an otaku because of the amount of animes that I've watched but I definitely am a fanficaholic (Dunno know how to spell dat). I might cuss a lot (I probably will) but if you don't want me to them I will totally filter my sinner language if you want me to. Uh... As I said before I'm socially awkward I don't really talk to that many people online (Or on this website) because of that reason I just get a bit nervous talking to people. If I get to know you then I most likely will be best buddies with you I to try to act polite but I tend to dislike people a lot. I have a bad habit of accidentally offending people so if I accidentally offend you or anything please let me know and I will apologize to you with no regrets. This About Me probably has so many run-on sentences that it makes the awesome author-senpais reading this nauseous or something. If you still would like to talk to me and experience... Me... Then congratulations... Yay *awkwardly throws confetti*.


P.S. I might be one of the only account on this website that actually has a short About Me

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