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hello people,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ now to the important part...

!!!!! I NEED A BETA !!!!!

im by no means a experienced writer as such, i need some one experienced to beta my work... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ work in progress


Third a part in a triology (first and second will be published later...). a millennia has passed since the Exodus of Terra now the Alterra Imperium Magica is an empire spanning three galaxies. Now a major power in the known universe, The Imperium is asked to honor the Alliance Of the Great Races and protect the younger races of the Milky Way galaxy form a race of machines that seek genocide of organics. Darkness approaches the Milky Way but all is not lost for Alterra will come and with it Magic. For after all MAGIC IS MIGHT!!!!

harry potter/star wars/star gate/mass effect CROSS OVER. OOC!AU!GREY!harry fleur.

(beta needed)

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