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Hey everybody! I've been reading here for a while now. I haven't really though of being a writer, but this is a great way to show my ideas to others.

One of my readers/friends, Eddie Butler III, made this cool Poster for one of my fics, check it out: http:///view/23450492/

Here's another drawing by a friend of mine.deathAnge1104drew this pic, which is from "So Not the Duel Drama":http:///view/24380174/

This cool drawing/poster was done by IllusionEvenstar: http:///deviation/24540410/

This image of Team Yugi'sTeamCrest was done by Hurricane's Quill: http:///deviation/25948270/

All of these drawings were done by redeyesblackdragon: http:///deviation/27744667/, http:///deviation/27776710/, http:///deviation/27804360/, http:///deviation/27827390/, http:///deviation/27826063/, http:///deviation/27996150/, http:///deviation/28440794/, http:///deviation/35342277/, http:///deviation/35825633/

This drawing of Yami Numbuh 4 was done by Solarice04: http:///view/27785478/

This image of Kaiba's Blue Eyes Battle Armor was done by evilSetoKaiba: http:///view/35625235/

This drawing of a scene in "A Possible Duel" when YamiYugi was dueling Shego was done by Revenant666: http:///deviation/36463256/

This is the DA webpage of Dieru http:/// the guy who let me use some of his made up cards in my fic. http:///deviation/18662573/

This is a sketch by Da-Wabbit, it's a drawing of Optimus Primal in my pokemon fic, its of his Pokemon Beast Form: Blastoise. http:///deviation/51548132/

This drawing of the Pokemon Wars Maximals was done by Blood-Asp0123. http:///deviation/52001310/ and here are the Predacons http:///deviation/52068612/. Here's his rendition of Optimus Primal in Robot Mode: http:///deviation/58170988/. Here's his drawing of Chari-Tron's Battle with Optimus: http:///art/Battle-for-Leadership-64670748 Here's another of his drawings of Chari-Tron: http:///art/Code-of-the-Worrior-64691604 and here's the colored version: http:///art/Code-of-the-Worrior-65250779

Here are Colored Versions of Blood-Asp0123's drawings, colored by Tiger-Prime: http:///deviation/59639674/ http:///deviation/59638976/

Here's a short comic from my Avatar fic: The Third Book http:///deviation/54129766/ by avatarida

This drawing of Team Fenton/Phantom is done by phantomnow: http:///deviation/61762216/

Here's Unikwan's rendition of my Pokemon Wars' Optimus Primal: http:///art/PokemonWars-Optimus-59894158

Here's Destikim's drawing, his rendition, of a scene in my fic "A Possible Duel": http:///art/A-possible-Duel-67118002

Here's Kathytachan's Drawing of a scene in my Avatar Fic: http:///art/Request-Up-and-up-70993735

Another scene of mt Avatar Fic by RainBowAvatar: http:///art/Zutara-Dream-charizardag-73838598

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