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NoraRabbit PM
Joined Oct '15

i'm also known as Nora
why i made my username have a rabbit in it? its because i was born on the year of the rabbit
Sometimes i used my last name in my username

  1. My FB is https://www.facebook.com/nora.nuar.9
  2. My Twitter is https://twitter.com/NoraRabbit_
  3. My Wattpad is https:///user/NoraNuar
  4. My Pinterest is https:///norarabbit/

My OTP in Fairy Tail:
Natsu x Lucy - they're too cute together and perfect for each other
Gray x Juvia - both of their personality complete each other
Gajeel x Levy
Erza x Jellal

About Myself:

I'm a gamer girl, what I played:

Harvest Moon Tokimeki Memorial Girl's side 1, 2 and 3 Otome games Persona (i love P3P) Fairy Tail Brave Saga Fairy Tail Goku Mahou Ranbu
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