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Hi and welcome to my profile!

I'm a 24 year old who just can't get enough of fanfics in general, but especially those of Narnia, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.

Feel free to PM with ideas for stories or if you just wanna chat!


Update: So, I recently started an original story. If you guys want to give it a read, follow the link below (it will lead you to Wattpad). Hope you guys like it!

The Trials Of Adira

Synopsis: For thousands of years, elves have ruled over dwarves, dryads, mermaids and dragons in Athana. Their leaders, the Hanover clan, have only conceived male heirs.

Until now.

When her father dies, Crown Princess Adira must face the misogynistic decision of the council: she cannot be Queen unless she marries first.

Fortunately, her mother Lenna remembers a law created an eternity ago. The one in which an heir or heiress must complete four trials in order to gain the approval of her people.


Considering the major problems this site is having nowadays, I'm sharing my AO3 account, since I will also start uploading all of my stories there. I will also update here, but I'll wait until the bug is fixed. Thank you all for understanding and hopefully everything will be solved soon!

You can find me in AO3 under the same username as here.

Forums I'm currently participating in:

Gazing Into The Mist Forum

One Earth, One Home

Camp Half-Blood Tournament

Camp Jupiter

Please check them out for amazing stories, RP, and interesting discussions!

Stories I'm participating in:

I'm co-writing The Forbidden Land

with AlEmily360! Check it out!

Upcoming stories/chapters: (01/11)

Hello everybody!! I'm using my few days of vacations before I need to get ready for the February exams to get up to date with my fics. Updates are below!

NEXT UPDATE: "Crossroads." - CHAPTER 6.


The Prince, The Girl, The Lion:

02/08/2020: Chapter 17 is now published!! I'm adding one more chapter to the ones I had planned. Double-update coming up next!!


UPDATE 12/27/2020: This was a one-shot but, after much deliberation and a poll, I will be writing about Caspian and Susan's life together from right after the end of Prince Caspian until the end of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I have a rough idea of how I'm going to develop this story, which is currently in progress. Next chapter coming up soon!


Chronicles of a Huntress

UPDATE 01/11/2020: Chapter 8 - the last one - is published!! Thank you so much for reading this story and hope you enjoy the last chapter!!

Of Mothers and Sons

I'm going to add one other chapter for this fic, I just need to find the time to write so go ahead and follow the story, that way you can stay tuned :)

Past, Present and Future

This is my newest fic, also my first Time Travel! AU, so I want to plan all the chapters before I continue it, in order not to mess with the storyline. However, it won't be too long till I can begin writing this since I have lots of ideas, so go ahead and follow it so you can stay tuned!


Going The Long Distance

UPDATE 28/12/2020: This fic will be a sort of season 4 for the series. Chapter 3 coming up soon!

Chic Flics Challenge:

Camp Jupiter Forum has this new challenge in which you have to write three sets based on three different chic flics. All fics in response to this are now updated. Please read, fav, follow, and review!

Class of 2004

One Year

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Round 1: Forgetting Everything But You

Summary: Bianca and Nico Di Angelo are five and three years old when their mother dies and their father, Lord Hades, takes them to Underworld, where he asks them to touch the Lethe River so they can be safe. Bianca's world has been crushed, but there's only one thought that keeps her standing: her little brother.

Round 2: Boxes Of A Lifetime

Summary: Hazel and Nico have nothing in common, except for their ache for a family. As they, Will, Frank, Jason and Reyna move into their new apartment they realize their family's been there all along. Frazel, Solangelo and Jeyna.

Round 3: No Sound To Hide Behind

Summary: Post-Giant War. Triggered by Octavian's death, Nico Di Angelo begins to crumble under the haunting memories of every decision he's made that affected not only him, but everyone around. Fortunately, he's not on his own.

Round 4: They Know (That It's Almost Over)

Summary: Set Post "The Lost Hero". Jason and Thalia have been missing the summer days in which everything was easier. Then, they receive news that their mother's house is about to be demolished and they decide it's time to get their closure.

Round 5: Trials And Tribulations

Summary: Set during House of Hades. After receiving Annabeth's message from Tartarus, Reyna wanders into an unlikely place in search for guidance as to what is she supposed to do next. Surprisingly, she does find guidance. From a princess.

Round 6: Ain't No Rest For The Immortals

Summary: Set during "The Titan's Curse": Artemis has never struggled with death or grief. She's learned that in order to survive, she can only look forward. Then, Zoƫ dies, and her control over her emotions seems to crumble. Thankfully, Apollo is there to be her emotional support.

Cheers for reading and hope you like my writing. Stay safe :)

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