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Some of these animes or mangas will have some spots shared with other animes or mangas depending on how much I love the series.

My top 10 favourite animes (currently on air or finish their airing):

1. Ben-To (Redline and Tailenders if i count animated movies special solo episode)

2. Beck

3. Gurren Lagann

4. Nobunagun

5. Battle Blood Blockade

6. Fate/ (Franchise)

7. Battle Girl Time Paradox

8. Needless (even with the crappy anime ending it was ok)

9. Panty and Stocking with Gartherbelt and Witchblade (anime version)

10. Angel Beats and We without wings - Under the innocent sky ( I couldn’t decide between both they always had me coming back to them each 3 years)

Top 10 favourite mangas (currently in their run or finish their run.):

1. Air Gear

2. Medaka Box and When They Cry (both Higurashi and Umineko)

3. Trigun

4. Choujin Gakuen And Needless (Manga has a better ending)

5. Soul Eater

6. Biorg Trinity

7. Eyeshield 21

8. Beck & Mysterious Girlfriend X

9. Bakuman

10. Area D

For anyone (mostly writers at this point) that decides to PM me. You can PM me but you need to know that I mostly on the mobile version of Fanfiction. But I still do periodically check back here to see messages.

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