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Hey Figured finally update my profile that people may as well get a bit of a feel about me

Real name: Sorry can't say

Age: 21

Gender: male (I am a Otaku far as other stuff read on)

Nickname: call me Stormrise

little about myself: I am a gamer I enjoy Writing stories my imagination is overly insane, I do my research into the gear used in most anime or games if there is any to be had, and sometimes make up new stuff as I go to try and add to the fun otherwise rather normal stuff, I am a helpful guy and will do all I can to help if I can if not I will be honest as I normally am.

Like: Anime Documentary's Action Movies and Military based Show's Anime's and Movie's RPG RTS and FPS games Fanficitons (lot of RWBY Strike witches Naruto Halo and others too big a list)

Dislike: Bullies People that bash story's with no reason Cheaters Hackers and lastly People that abuse others mentally or Physically.

Exceptions: Using certain elements of abuse in story's when drama is needed and not many others fit the bill with in Reason.

Weakness: Grammar Spelling And at times my own English fails me

Note: I am new to this Still learning the rules and how this works so go easy on my work when I get it up please Constructive Criticism only if it is needed Flame will NOT be Tolerated you have been warned

Stories to come: Decedents Dragon Soul (RWBY and Dragon Fanfic still undergoing writing and grimmer and spell checking)

Light in the Black (Inspired by the song by Sabaton Light in the Black RWBY And Star Wars Crossover fanfic with Ocs Now being posted how fast they come in at not sure yet ideas folks?)

A Dark Echo on The Nights Wind (Warcraft RWBY Crossover expect Madness with this one still undergoing Grammer Checking and Spell checking as well as Plot Developement)

My Immortal (Rwby Fanfic with a twist Description if asked will be put but still undergoing work Grammer and Spell checking and making sure all is in order)

RWBY's Assault on Hell (might get it worked on and up but will take time possiblly

Planned Future storys: None Yet still worken on what I got

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