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Did I even have anything on my profile before now? Probably not knowing me.

Hello people! I'm Emma1897 (don't know why I chose Emma, I've been using it for years and can't remember why). I spend a lot of my time writing and reading. When I'm not writing or reading I'm either at school or losing myself in WOW and/or Sims. That's my life. I can sum up my life in two sentences.

The things I write are mostly for myself. Writing myself into my favorite worlds, creating my own universe to escape into, etc. etc. Every once in a while I'll writing something that is actually decent and start sharing it here.

A lot of you really liked 'Rogue Hound'... Considering my beta (nightmarehunter676) and I wrote most of that at four in the morning trying to avoid our homework, I find that rather surprising. (She added 97% of the Hamilton quotes. She only got me to join the fandom when we were writing the last stretch of chapters). A couple of you have asked for a sequel. Yes, it is happening... one day. We plan to follow the triplets, Alexander (her idea), Elise (took me forever to stop her from saying Eliza), and Lotus, as they learn how to control their powers. Alex messes up and just... yeah...
Anyway, if anyone has an ideas, we could use some to help get the inspiration flowing for this one.

While I have only written Avengers themed stories so far, I recently dragged NightmareHunter into a fandom from my childhood: Avatar: The Last Airbender. If everything goes as I planned, I will be able to drag her into writing a couple stories of that with me.

I just got a new computer (like, 50 minutes ago. A $800 gaming computer that can do anything) so I shouldn't have as many problems with it as I did the last one with it constantly breaking.

(Now that I think about it... I got a new computer and the first thing I do is install office word and update my status on a fandom based website... Wow)

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