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I read fanfiction. Pretty much the whole point to this account. That and organizing my favourites.

I'm married with two kids and have been reading comics since I was a kid (mostly Batman and Nightwing). Fanfiction is a guilty pleasure I adopted several years ago when comics dropped their standards significantly, but I only recently created an account when I broke my leg (being laid up, I actually found time to do so). Also, I recently watched Young Justice at the recommendation of a friend and burned through both seasons obsessively in a matter of days. I didn't care for season 2 but simply adored season 1. Especially Robin because Dick Grayson has been my favourite fictional character since I was a little girl. Since I am now obsessed with reading all the fanfiction I can lay my hands on and since the archive is so big, I needed an account to keep track of everything.

Extra note: Blown away by some of the Batfam fanfiction on here...DC should be hiring you guys because it's infinitely better than anything they are throwing out these days.

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