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Name: Cari. Or Carrie. Depending on how much I want to write that particular day.

Age: Between 15 and none of your dang business.

Gender: Female. I state this because apparently my name can be used for boys and girls. Great, I'm asexual. =/

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter

Lemony Snicket



So You Want To Be A Wizard

Alex Rider

You Don't Know Me

Oh My Goth


Bridge to Terabithia

Totally Joe

Vampire Diaries

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Gallagher Girls

And many more...

Favorite Movies:

Harry Potter

Lemony Snicket

Any really scary movie

Johnny Depp movies


Tim Burton Movies

And so on and so forth...

Favorite TV Shows:


Life With Derek

Burn Notice



Desperate Housewives

Favorite Pairings:

Ginny/Harry Anything else is insanity.

Ron/Hermione We all saw it coming. Even the H/Hr shippers.

Isabella/Edward This is the kind of pairing you wish you could have

Nita/Kit Obvious

Bobby/Courtney Duh

Lizzie/Edwin Waaay more chemistry than Dasey.

Greg/Sara SANDLE!

I'll figure out more later.

Pairings I ABSOLUTELY hate:

Sara/Grissom Can we say, 'old enough to be her dad?' Ew.

Mark/Courtney Brother and sister relationship.

Isabella/Jacob Well, okay, I can see it, but I really really want Jacob for .

Hermione/Harry No. Just no.

Nita/Anyone besides Kit My mind's set on them

Emmet/Rosalie J/K! I don't happen to like her too much. But they're in love.

We put our hearts into writing

Because we care

And its the one thing we can do

We can't run

Play basketball

Or sing

We arent math geniuses

Or straight A students

We arent perfect

And we cant dance

But we can write

We have found one thing

We can all do

And not fail at

We might not ever

Have a published book

Or a nobel prize

But we will always have

Those few reviewers

That said, "Hey that was awesome, write more!"

And that is what we live for

To be noticed

And told that we can do something

And thats why we put our hearts into writing.

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