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I am sorry to post this...but all my stories are, at this time, abandoned. FEEL FREE TO ADOPTED ANY OF THEM! No need to ask...just go ahead.

Fanfiction is a chapter in my life I am closing. I have found I just dont have the interest I used to have in it. I wish to focus on my original work at this time. I am sorry to anyone who followed my stories and hoped for a conclusion to them. I am posting all my drafts and ideas I had for each story to give you a type of closure and ideas I had for each.

I'm also adding another story called 'unfinished ideas'. This story will have various ideas and writings of different fandoms -- one-shots of sorts -- that I never published. This is for my own sense of closure. That all my ideas are out there and free to adopt from anyone who finds them interesting.

Thank you and sorry again. It's been fun :)

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