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The drow seem like the kind of people who would have words for mercy and forgiveness. Specifically so that they could say there would be no mercy and no forgiveness.

Depending on a multitude of factors, the next chapter could be published any time between today and the inevitable heat death of the universe.

20210524: Wow, would you believe it, I'm bad at updating. Many things have been going on in my life, many good, some bad, but something great happened this past weekend that I'm very proud of, also I'm about to quit my job because I just can't take it any more. So ups and downs... Anyway, I've been trying to get into the right state of mind to write, and I should hopefully have more time on my hands too.

On a separate note, it's kind of unfortunate that the projects I most want to work on are not my active projects. So I feel bad about putting effort into them that could go into Heirs or HPatLS, and so I decide not to work on them until Heirs and HPatLS are done, but then I don't work on those either because all I want to think about are my other projects. Such a lovely dilemma. Oh well. We'll see where it goes.

20210319: Well February ended and I went into total creative shutdown, but my goal is to get some writing done before the end of March, assuming my mental health co-operates.

20210201: It's February, which means February Album Writing Month, which means my creative endeavours... you know. Let's see how I do though... I feel like I'm so close to a breakthrough where I suddenly start writing tens of thousands of words in a row, but I always feel that way right before I write 10 words and get writer's block again.

20210124: One of the issues I have with writing is that I have always been a by-the-seat-of-my-pants style of writer. Which is fine when you're in school or at University, where short-form fiction of 2,000 or so words is the standard, and you never have to get from A to B to C, and you never have to tie up loose ends, foreshadow, set up the scene etc. So I never really saw the point of outlines, drafts, plotting, etc. So having actively resisted learning these things because I thought I knew better, I now have to teach them to myself. Fantastic. And it kind of cramps my style, especially with writing quickly. The first book, whether Thirdboy or Natural Born Mage, is easy, because the plot is, for all intents and purposes, already there, and I just have to flip a couple of choices or a couple of aspects. The second book, on the other hand, has to be cut almost entirely from whole cloth. So that's where I am, and that's why Heirs of the Underdark is going so slowly, and Harry Potter and the Last Slytherin is going so much of nowhere that I haven't even published the first chapter yet. Nevertheless, I assure my loyal readers, and everyone else in general, that they will get written. If slowly.

Post-script: I am also 'working' on now two secret projects, by which I mean slowly percolating ideas and occasionally writing a hundred words here and there. Having learned somewhat from the hubris of my younger years, I will not be releasing anything from the secret projects until they are finished. They bear no relation to any of my previous stories, and are not a priority, but some of you may enjoy them. My commitment to myself is that all 4 of my current projects will one day be finished, that is, The Thirdboy Trilogy, The Harry Potter 'X'-ilogy, The Secret Project - 1, and The Secret Project - 2. That's a lot of writing, and I would predict, given that both secret projects are, in theory, trilogies, that it will take at least 10 years. But I'm committed, and so it must be.

Post-post-script: I also am 'one day' planning to write an original fiction. As I feel very strongly about the non-commercialization of fan-fiction, it will bear no connection to my fan-fiction writings, and no-one should ever know that it was 'tyrnfrd' who wrote it, and I will never advertise it on this site or in connection to tyrnfrd. It will succeed or fail on its own merits. However, that project is so, so, on the back-burner that I doubt I will even begin 'real' work on it for the next 10 to 15 years, though it is semi-constantly percolating in my creative synapses.

20210101: I think I might write something soon?

20201112: Never let it be said that I have good time management skills.

20201024: Am I killing it right now? Chapter 4 published. Tell me you love me. That being said, NBM Book 2 needs more work. Chapter 3 just isn't going in the right direction, so until I'm about 4 chapters in, nothing is getting published for that.

20201018: Another chapter published for Heirs of the Underdark. And some action scenes, which we haven't had in a while. Chapter 4 is going to be where it really gets going though. Even though Chapter 4 is almost complete, I'm not going to promise anything in terms of publishing date because it will inevitably lead to disappointment.

20200915: I'm a very slow writer. Not as slow as GRRM (maybe) but we're talking 50-100 words a day a lot of the time. Of course, it's also not my full-time job. If it were, I'd be like David Dalglish with what seems like 170 books a year. Hmm, I wonder if he's written anything since he finished the Seraphim series...

20200910: Well I did it. I wrote Drow Arena: A Crackfic. But K'yorl wins all in my version (maybe).

20200910: So I don't know how many (if any) people actually read these updates, but: I've been on a roll recently. Chapter 3 of Heirs of the Underdark is half-written, and I've completed the first 2 chapters of the sequel to Natural Born Mage (tentative title Harry Potter and the Last Slytherin). That will be published at some point once I'm sure of the direction I'm going with it. That point may be sooner if I get enough people asking me nicely to publish it right away.

Also, to the person who reviewed Heirs of the Underdark talking about how many characters they could think of who were oh so much bigger and badder than K'yorl Odran, 2 things:

1. Read my post from 20190820.

2. Learn the concept of an unreliable narrator. It's Auro'pol's view, not an objective fact. That being said, House Oblodra are the only drow psionicists anywhere. K'yorl is (most likely) the biggest and baddest of those, given that she's the Matron Mother. If you're stuck in a room with one other drow elf, the one who can rip your mind open before you even know about it is probably a little more dangerous than one with spells or weapons. Again, unreliable narrator. This Auro'pol, who I wrote, is more scared of K'yorl than any other oh so much bigger and badder drow. If you don't like it, write your own story. Call it "Drow Arena" and have 100 different big bad drow beat up K'yorl Odran in 100 different big bad ways.

20200908: Chapter 2 of Heirs of the Underdark was published yesterday, and work on Chapter 3 has begun. Depending on a multitude of factors, Chapter 3 could be published any time between today and the inevitable heat death of the universe.

20200906: Wow it's been nearly 4 months since I posted anything at all, and over a month since I wrote anything - UNTIL TODAY. So um I still have a ways to go because I'm trying to write real chapter-length chapters, not necessarily the monster 10,000 word chapters that a lot of fanfiction authors write, but more than one or two brief scenes. A lot of my chapters for Thirdboy were in the region of 1000 words, but I'm looking to be up nearer to 3000, obviously depending on what needs to happen in the chapter. So there's still lots of writing to be done but maybe one day there'll be more than a single chapter available.

20200730: Here's a fun story about what it's like to have procrastination issues and also too many books. I have two full-sized bookcases, but I have so many books that many of them are double-stacked (one row of books on the front of the shelf, one behind). Anyway, as someone who loves consistency (I want my description of a character's physical traits to match canon), I have to look up a specific character in a book that's in the back row on the bottom shelf. And that's just too much effort, so my story is literally stuck at the point where I give a physical description of this super minor character until I can be bothered to go look this up. Good times...

20200602: Good news for the NBM fans out there, I've started work on Book 2. I have also been working slowly but surely on a secret project but that won't come to light until the very distant future.

20200519: Forgot to mention yesterday that the epilogue for NBM has been posted and the story is officially complete. I'm spending some time writing, but I am hoping to have some new content available soon-ish hahahahahahahahahahaha I know myself too well to believe that but we'll see. Will it be a sequel to NBM? Will it be more chapters of Heirs of the Underdark? Will it be a crackfic one-shot? Will it be a completely new story? Will the sun rise tomorrow? These questions and more may never be answered.

20200517: LOL!!!! But NBM is now complete, though the epilogue is still to be posted.

20200107: I've made a start on NBM's next chapter, hoping to get it out before a month passes from the previous one, but we'll see.

20191225: Thirdboy is finished! It took 2 and a half years, but it is completed, and the sequel, Heirs of the Underdark, has been begun. Chapter 1 is live now. Expect irregular updates as there's very little written or sketched out, I just wanted to get something up there so that I didn't later have to post a new chapter of Thirdboy just to say that the sequel was ready.

20191224: Chapter 1 of the sequel to Thirdboy is almost ready to go, and I'm also working on a surprising new project that's going to be awesome (I claim) but I won't be posting any of that until it's been mostly/completely written.

20191215: Natural Born Mage had a new chapter a few days ago. Thirdboy has finally been completed, but I won't be posting the final chapter until I can post the first chapter of the sequel simultaneously. Tentative title: Heretic. Hope this is exciting news.

20191213: What's another month? Let's put it this way, like many of us, I am afflicted by issues with my mental health, and this makes writing difficult at times. I am still working to streamline my life and to become more organized as well, I've written a few thousand words today so hopefully there will be something soon.

20191108: Has it been a while? Yes, it's been a while. But I'm working to get more organized so that I can be consistent with releases. There's going to probably be still a little longer to wait while I organize notes, storyboard, and possibly even get multiple chapters down, and then I should be able to release enough to finish Thirdboy and make some progress on Natural Born Mage. Ah, I was so young, foolish and optimistic back in August...

20191010: I'm a scrub.

20190923: I continue to be busy, but I nevertheless had time to write and post a crackficky one-shot - Socrates and the Philosopher’s Stone: An Enquiry into Wizarding Understanding - which is very silly but also very enjoyable, and hopefully will get a few people reading philosophy, if only to learn how to be as annoying as the cast. Regularly unscheduled irregular updates will be back at some point in the future.

20190902: No news is not good news. And I've got a very busy fortnight coming up so the 505 words of NBM Chapter 13 and the 0 words of Thirdboy Chap 23 are probably going to stay that way for a while.

20190828: Thirdboy Chapter 22 completed and posted. There will only be one more chapter I think, and then on to Book 2

20190826: Over 3500 words into Thirdboy Chapter 22: Return to Menzoberranzan. It's looking like the whole thing might wrap up in this chapter, leaving Chapter 23 as an epilogue and to set the scene for Book 2. Exciting times in tyrnfrd land, my first real complete story getting closer and closer.

20190823: Natural Born Mage Chapter 12 Published. Work to begin tomorrow on Thirdboy Chapter 22.
The dude who read like 5 chapters of NBM and commented 'plot holes' in each of them which were pretty much made up and did so as a guest reviewer so that I have no way of contacting him other than publishing about his comments in my story is kind of exactly the worst kind of reviewer. I am absolutely 100% not going to rewrite my story to match what you think it should say or your opinions of what is or isn't realistic. So go away. The only writing criticism I would even consider would be from a writer who I respect and I want to emulate, and I can tell you that a guest reviewer is not that.
Also: https:///blog/tyrnfrd

20190820: Let's talk about reviews. I'm going to say something I don't exactly mean here (read on for more) but here's the Tl;dr: I don't care about your review.
Now that's not 100% true. What I do mean though, is that I don't care about reviews meant as literary criticism. I'm not in college any more, I have no-one to impress with my writing. And I definitely don't care about realism. If I did, I wouldn't be writing FANTASY. However, I do enjoy ego-boost reviews, like "good job," "great chapter," "I love you and want to have your babies," etc. But for me, the way I would rank my ego-boosts is as follows: Favorites (but that can only be done once per story, so they tend to slow down around 3 or 4 chapters in), Follows (same deal as favorites) and then Views, specifically viewer retention - how many people who viewed chapter 1 read all the way through to the final chapter? After that comes reviews, and again, I like ones that give me ego-boosts, not ones that try to critique my story. Because I don't want your criticism, even if it's good criticism, even if it would help me write better or write a better story. I wanna write what I wanna write.
And none of this is to say that I don't care about my readers - I do. You guys are great and I'm very thankful for you. But I'm going to completely ignore any analysis you do of my work or any suggestions you have. The one thing I would say to everyone who has suggestions: Write a fanfic. Change it. Do what you want to do. I 100% support you taking my work and rewriting it the way you want to. Go for it. Do the thing. And them PM me and say "Hey, dude, read this."

20190819: Natural Born Mage Chapter 11: Duel - posted. Will it be another month until Chapter 12? Follow and Favorite to find out!

20190819: I will start updating the progress of my works on my Bio, so that when I inevitably go silent, there will be somewhere to look for guidance. This also may just include generic ramblings, and should replace my author's notes.

As of now:

A Family-Run Adventure Co-operative: I know it says long-term rewrite but basically it's abandoned. It is kind of in my plans to rewrite and reissue, but in the same way as it's kind of in my plans to visit New Zealand one day - way beyond my event horizon.

Adam Raised a Cain: Complete. Not much more to say on that.

Natural Born Mage: Chapter 11 is in the works and may even be done by the time anyone reads this. I'm closer to figuring out the direction that's going to take me from Chapter 10 to the end of the school year (and this story) but I still need to actually do the writing it part.

Thirdboy: We're two chapters from the end (probs 3 or 4 if we're honest but I'm gonna claim 2 because that's what it is in my head right now). Then it's on to Book 2: As Yet Untitled. If I can get my act together (laughs in not gonna happen mate), it should be complete by the end of 2019.

Thirdboy: Outtakes: Hmm. I had a scene ready to be written but then the story took a turn. I may still write it because you know, outtakes, but it would be AU to my AU. But don't expect anything soon.

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